Heart of Darkness: The Darkest AngelLove Me to DeathLady of the Nile

Heart of Darkness: The Darkest AngelLove Me to DeathLady of the Nile - 'Gena Showalter',  'Maggie Shayne',  'Susan Krinard' *this review is only for the LOTU novella*This is a shortie from the LOTU series about the golden-winged angel Lysander and a harpy named Bianka :)I liked it, but it was nothing special, worth the read only for the little teaser for book five, and the oil-wrestling scene :DLysander forms a plan to get rid of his temptation, and that is to kidnap it and train it to become like him.For an angel, the guy is uber-thick in the head ;)His temptation is Bianka the harpy, and his plan backfires when he realises he can't change the way she is, she is too strong willed :DBianka wants to punish him for taking her to his cloud, but that punishment somehow ends up as a seduction :DShe was fun, but I can't really say I liked her :DShe kinda got on my nerves a lot :D Oh well.I did love the scene when he made Lysander and Paris oil wrestle :DD Best one in this novella :DLysander is one of the Elite Seven angels, he has golden wings and is from the warrior class.He is tempted by Bianka, can't get he out of his head, and the only solution he can think of is to take her and train her to be good like him.Brilliant ;)He was petty great, but still kind of an idiot at the end ahahahha “Are you an angel?” she asked when she was once again in front of him.“Yes.” No hesitation. As if his heritage wasn’t something to be ashamed of.Poor guy, she thought with a shudder. Clearly he had no idea the crappy hand he’d been dealt. -------------------------------She wanted to stab him the moment she saw him. Then set him on fire. Then scatter his ashes in a pasture where lots of animals roamed. He deserved to be smothered by several nice steaming piles.This was an Ok read and I don't regret reading it because I learned more about angels and Olivia appears here, she's the heroine in book five :)Can't wait to read it :)))Btw one thing is kinda weird, listen to this:1. Gwen is a harpy, a descendant of Lucifer2. Sabin used to work for the Greek gods, now he works for the Titans.3. Sabin is possessed by a demon=They get married in a chapel.O.o Seriously?bwahahahhahahhhahahahhahahahhahah