Deadly Lies

Deadly Lies - Cynthia Eden “How much is he worth?” The voice taunted. “How much will you pay?”Wow.W. O. W.This author sure knows how to write suspense!Another winner from the Deadly series, simply a superb book :)The storyThe case is about some crazy as f*ck kidnappers who are getting more brutal with each victim, so the SSD and Samantha are the ones investigating it. She is still trying to prove that she is able to work in the devision, although Hyde doesn't agree.When the man she is casually having sex with receives a call from the kidnappers, telling him his brother will die unless he pays, Samantha realises this is the best chance they'll have at capturing the serials.But that means she can't tell Max who she really is.This was uber-intense, just like every book from this series, and really unpredictable all the way, though I did suspect who might be the main culprit and I was shocked to be right ahahhahahahah but I still couldn't predict what would happen at any point i the story, that might just be my stupidity or the author's brilliance :DThe romance“I tried to sleep, but every time I closed my eyes, I saw you.”Oh, damn. Sam admitted, “I didn’t even try.” Because he’d been all she could think about.“Fuck.” He pulled her even closer. His clothes were wet, but she didn’t care. “I need you,” he growled.When they kissed this time, she was desperate for him.Samantha is both fragile and strong, while Max is just... Perfect.I love those two together but honestly, I just loved Max like crazy