Deadly Heat

Deadly Heat - Cynthia Eden “The fire burns. She kills. She judges the wicked.”I am becoming seriously addicted to this series and author.With such intense stories and awesome writing, how could I not?The storyIt's about a serial killer whose method is killing with fire, and the guy uses a different method every time.Special agent Kenton Lake from the SSD is there to investigate, and in the meantime gets entangled with a female firefighter, Lora Spade.When the killer gets his focus on Kenton, and with that on Lora as well, it will get their lives in danger, along with those of every firefighter, trying to beat the flames.I won't say any more cause it would be spoilerish :PPPPPThe suspenseIf you grab these books, you have to know you'll really, but really get the suspense part.Sometimes it says the book is romantic/erotic suspense, but actually you just get a couple of action scenes and the rest is just sex or drama...Here, the entire book is woven with suspense, there is no reprieve, always something happening, always something that gets you on the edge...Simply amazing :)The killer's POV isn't as creepy as the one in the first book, but it's still twisted enough to work :D"He liked to watch the fire. When it danced, it was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. Sensual, like a lover."The romanceIntense, like everything else in the book.It was just like that in the first one, and I'm so glad the author is sticking to the same feel throughout it, not getting soppy or mushy where it shouldn't be, and the characters stay consistent with the way they are and should be.Me likey.Kenton... That man is amazing, I love the way he thinks, and the fact that he's so honest about everything, and damn, he is uber-hot!!!Lora is a perfect mach for him. She is full of life, with a temper and she doesn't let anyone boss her around. She risks her life every day and isn't afraid to do it. She does have one fear though, one that the killer will use to his advantage...Still, I kinda wish theirs wasn't an insta-love, but oh well :DOverallI really enjoyed this one, not as intense and creepy as the first, but still amazing :)The romance was great and oh my, very, very hot! But what I liked best here, and I suspect will be with all the books from this series, is the intense suspense part. Not many books have it, and this author does it so brilliantly :) I know I'll go back to her whenever I want to read something that's just MORE than the usual.So all I can do here is give a HUGE recommendation to every suspense reader out there, and to those of you who like intense books.Well honestly, I DON'T like intense books but these are working for me perfectly :DHope you give this series a shot and happy reading :)