Archangel of Mercy

Archangel of Mercy - Christina Ashcroft This review will perhaps be a bit confusing because I will laugh at and love the book at the same time It was a shock, but even with some extremely ridiculous lines I managed to absolutely love this book First some things about the book you need to know...1. There are some seriously ridiculous lines in this one, especially at the beginning of the book :D I couldn't stop laughing at it, seriously I have to admit, the more I read the writing got better (it was still funny, but not totally stupid), but then, maybe my brain got used to it and ignored it all because I just couldn't stop reading it :DDD2. I'm a total fan of angel books, BUT I don't like it when they pick a famous one. In this case it was Gabriel. Beautiful name, but it sucks cause I couldn't get the song "Gabriel's Message" by Sting out of my head. Damn irritating :D great song though ahahahahhaha3. The story - the beginning was a bit rough and I couldn't understand a bit of it, astral planes and dimensions and portals and stuff like that. Lucky me, it became very interesting and I just couldn't put it down 4. The mythology - well, you'll get a bit of everything in this one :D Angels, demons, other planets and galaxies, teleportation, auras, astral planes, aliens and a bunch more :D But I didn't mind it really ahahahah some of it made me laugh, some was simply ridiculous but hey, I enjoyed reading it, what the hell, it can be a bit far-fetched :D5. Aurora :D that girl has some sick mind I have to tell you that mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha But she gets better later in the book :D and a big shocker, she didn't get on my nerves one bit :D I did laugh at her a lot of times though eheheheh :D I'm just terrible, I know 6. Gabe - I totally love the guy! He's an archangel and used to being worshiped, so he can't help but be shocked that Aurora doesn't grovel at his feet :DDD He's like a million years old, and it's hard to cut through some thing's he's gotten used to, but he manages somehow :DAnyway, I laughed at him too, gosh almost everything he says is so freaking funny :D But later I just fell in love with him I guess so my brain refused to see any ridiculous lines, I just saw the swoony ones 7. It just happens that today I answered a poll about rating a book, what would make you rate it 5 stars. My answer was "Cause I love it. It's a purely emotional response"Same goes to this book :D At first I just thought it was going to be stupid, and some parts maybe were, as were some lines, but at the end of it, I just totally loved it, no matter the writing or characters. I really enjoyed reading it and I think that's the most important part :) 8. I can't think of anything else to say so I'll give you a bit of quotes to have fun, some quotes are in the status updates if you want to take a look, below the review :DThis is the most epic line ever "She was being turned on by an unconscious man. It was sad and also, if she thought about it, slightly depraved, but she couldn’t help it. He might be out cold, but his cock was the hottest thing she’d felt in years.""He was breathtaking. Just as she’d always imagined a fallen angel must look like, radiating sex and sin from every pore. She wanted to bask in his radiance. What she really needed was to get a grip.""He couldn’t recall the last time he’d seen a woman blush. They often became speechless or incoherent when he chose them, but since conversation was the last thing he was looking for when it came to a quick fuck that never bothered him."...and made the fatal error of looking up and catching his smoldering gaze.For long seconds she remained captivated by the stunning beauty of his eyes. All she really wanted to do was drop to her knees, crawl across the floor and worship at his feet.""By rights Aurora should now gasp in shock and perhaps collapse onto her knees and grovel at his feet. He’d know what to do with her then. Sweep her into his arms, comfort her and screw her senseless.""Her lips parted in obvious shock. She was in the perfect position to take him into her mouth.""It was obvious she had no intention of shutting up. He’d seduce her and exhaust her so thoroughly her brain would require all its power to maintain basic life functions.""His blood thundered in his arteries, cock strained against his pants, and even though she could do with a damn good shower he couldn’t wait.They could shower afterward.""Only her clear exhaustion and inability to keep her eyes open for longer than a few sleepy seconds had prevented him from following through with his insatiable lust."LOVE THIS ONE