Omega Mine

Omega Mine (Alpha and Omega Series, #1) - Aline Hunter “I don’t…I need…I want…” She tried to clear her head. She was drowning in this man. “To come?” he offered, licking her nape. “I’d love to make you come. Just tell me how you want it.”How to make a great paranormal book:1. Give the main guy a Harley2. Make him tattooed3. He has to be the ultimate dominant guy ever (not only Alpha, but an Omega)4. Give him a dirty mouth and outrageous lines5. Pack him with a huge "tool"6. He has to like rough sex7. Make him extremely protective of his woman8. Show his sensitive side in at least one chapter9. Have him save the day in a bombastic fashion10. Have a heroine in the book, one that doesn't get on the nervesThis book was on FIRE! Wow, I loved it like crazy! Will definitely be stalking this author for more!!!!!!!!!"One moment she was standing beside him, shivering in anticipation. The next she was bent over the desk, her shoes, jeans and panties gone, leaving her lower half naked and entirely vulnerable to the two-hundred-plus pounds of sexed male directly behind her."The storyDiskant is the Omega of all the shifter races, he can transform into any kind of animal at will. He's basically the shifter king :D Yep, awesome :DDDSo, one night he saves a young woman from being taken by some vampires, and realises his inner animals crave her like crazy. That could mean only one thing - she is his mate, the one he's been waiting for for ages :DAva, poor thing, doesn't know any of this, so when she wakes up in his room, in his bed, she kinda freaks, which leads to a very hot sexy scene with both of them in a closet *panting*Anyway, she runs away and he goes crazy searching for her, and when he finds her... Oh. My. :DDD Lucky woman indeed :))))) “In thirty seconds I’m going to carry you to the bedroom, drape you across the bed and see if you taste as good as you smell. If you want out, now’s the time to say so.”This was the first book and an introduction to the whole world in the series, lots of characters that I suppose will have their own books later on (and I can't wait to read them!!!), some bad guys and a hint of new bad guys to come :))The paranormal world here has shifters, vampires and warlocks/mages or whatever magical beings they are :) it's a mix of everything, but it didn't bother me at all having all those together, especially knowing those will mix in between in the new books :)The bad guys are a bunch of crazy maniacs and are pretty terrible, but it's believable and I was Ok with it :)The characters - kinda sneaky, making me crazy wanting to read about a bunch of them, only with the first book!!! But I will go crazy! I need Trey's book ASAP! And if Kinsley doesn't get his own, I just might stalk the author until she writes one ahahahhahahahhahahhahahahaA Scottish black panther shifter with a brogue and long black hair??????????? Must!!! Be!!!! Written!!!!!!!!!!The writing is great, and the sex scenes HOT! Very hot, I don't even need to tell you how much I liked it ahahahhahahh“Oh, kitten.” His eyes shifted to that vivid shade of jeweled emerald and he smiled mischievously. “You turn me on when you’re angry. I can’t wait to learn what pisses you off so I can get you good and fired up just to cool you back down.”Diskant and AvaHe's the Omega of the shifter races, he's in charge and they all bow to him. I don't even have to tell you how dominant he is hahhahah but I just loved him! He's bossy and he knows what he wants, and man does he know how to dirty talk! Yum :DDDiskant knows Ava is his mate, he would do anything for her, and it shows in the book :) I'm not a fan of insta-love, but with PNR it's more believable, especially with those mating bonds, so yeah :) I believed it, and loved it :)The scene when Ava was hurt... So so well written! Loved Diskant and everything that he felt and thought! *sigh*She lifted her head and glimpsed the wounded look in his eyes, saw the hurt in his face.“Don’t be afraid of me.” His voice was hoarse, the words raspy. “Don’t be afraid of us.”Ava is not a typical human, she's a telepath, but one that can only read humans, not shifters or any other paranormal race. That's how she knew Diskant was different from the start. She isn't willing to jump blindly into his world, or accept the fact that they're supposed to be mates, considering she knows nothing about him, I liked that too :D BUT! Diskant has a way of persuading her *cough*sex*cough*, so she falls for him pretty quickly, especially when the first step of the mating bond is formed :)))I liked how she had a role in the end and used her telepathic abilities :)“Like this?” he asked and pressed into her wet heat, stretching and possessing her, inch by maddening inch.“Yes. Oh god, yes.”“How does that feel, baby?”READ THE BOOK!!!!!!!!