Incursion - Aleksandr Voinov This was fantastic I don't usually (ever) read Sci-Fi books, and after finishing Incursion I can honestly say I'm a freaking idiot and should mentally bitch-slap myself The story - Kyle is a retired hunter with a severe spinal injury done by a vicious enemy weapon. A military commander hires him to hunt down a fugitive enemy, in exchange for money and possibly a new prosthesis for his legs. He accepts and infiltrates Scorpion, a spaceship full of mercenaries, and the only lead he has on the enemy. Grimm is the pilot/captain, turns out they're from the same planet, with Grimm being from the warrior caste. They're attracted to each other and Grimm constantly hits on Kyle But, a fugitive shape-shifter is on board, and Kyle shouldn't let himself trust anyone on board, not even Grimm Kyle - It was very hard to read about him, he pretty much has a difficult life, wears a prosthesis to help him walk because he can't feel anything below his waist. That scene in the public transport, some people are just terrible Anyway, he pretty much gave up on himself, and having any kind of relationships, so Grimm's constant flirting doesn't go well. Even though he's on the ship trying to find a traitor, he can't help but trust Grimm, allowing his help with the device he has in his spine, allowing to be helpless in front of him Grimm - OMG I just loved him! He likes Kyle from the beginning, tries to flirt and come on to him, even though it doesn't really work XD But I just loved how he was alwas telling Kyle he's more than just his prosthesis, there's a man underneath, and he's worth fighting for :) And when he helped him with his back and then FINALLY ( ) shown him that he can still have passion in his life that scene was just beautiful