Spell of the Highlander (Highlander Series #7)

Spell of the Highlander - Karen Marie Moning These books just keep getting better and better! I simply ADORED "Spell of the Highlander" For me, the most important thing while reading a book is to connect with the characters. You can add a storyline, a million storylines that will take your breath away, but if the characters are sh*t (pardon my expression) all the imagination in the world won't do for me. Well, as you'll figure it out, the characters in here were far from sh*t XD In this novel, the story was in second place. It's about Cian MacKeltar, the most powerful druid from his line, being trapped in an ancient mirror for more than a thousand years (!!!) and seeking revenge to his jailor. That's basically it lol, Jessi finds the mirror and brings him out, she becomes prey to the ultimate druid bad guy, and they run to Scotland ( ). He is constantly forced to return into the mirror by the magic, so their escape is not so smooth lol.The story was good, although not so intense as some from the previous books, and the part I most loved about it is that I had NO IDEA how it was going to end till the very ending and when it was all explained. I just LOVE that in a book