Easy - Tammara Webber Wonderful! Amazing Anyway, I'll try to go through the most important things in the book.Prepare for a gush-fest!!!!!1. First scene in the bookLucas saves Jacqueline from an attempted rape, and that was insta-love for me That was swoony and hot and I think I totally fell in love with Lucas there! Such an awesome scene, I'd kill to see it in his POV!!!!!4. Something you need to know about LucasThere isn't one thing about him that I don't like. I know he's written that way, and sometimes it bothers me when the have no flaws, but here it just didn't!Anyway, he bites his lip a lot and rakes his fingers through his hair and has this half-smile going on all the time. For those of you who get irritated with those things, you'll probably be so here, but me, NOPE!! I loved it all, even with the lip biting and hands through hair and that half-smile that rarely went into a full one.He has a lip piercing and is tattooed over his arms and has a bike and he draws/sketches/paints, and teaches self-defense class and is just UBER!!!!!5. Something you need to know about JacquelineShe really DIDN'T go on my nerves! At all! It is pretty unbelievable because she's so young and well, I am not a fan of reading about young people in books, but there you go. No getting on nerves from her. So that's another reason I love this book!She does cry a few times, that I wish she didn't, but oh well, if I was 20-ish and went through attempt of rape and several other things, I'd be a mess as well. Anyway, she just broke up with her boyfriend with whom she'd been for three years, so she's a mess there too. She starts noticing and avoiding Lucas at the same time LOL6. The sketching I loved every single scene that involved him sketching her, especially the first one!!! OMG it was amazing and wonderful Her ex is a total jerk and I want to hit him in the balls like they did in the defense class.The bad guy is a total jerk and I want to rip off his balls like they did in defense class.8. Lucas and Jacqueline are so wonderful together I loved every single scene between them. Every. Single. Scene!9. There is something sad in Lucas's pastGosh I felt so bad for him :((( I thought it was one thing, but it turned out something completely different and even more terrible!!!I want to hug him like crazy!!!10. The ending is great and amazing and wonderful and all sorts of mushy things I can think of!Well, I don't think I need to say more about it :DOh yes, it made me cry Vishous - thanks so much for recommending this to me! Yes, you have created a monster!!!