A Night Like This (Smythe Smith Quartet 2)

A Night Like This - Julia Quinn If you're looking for a sweet historical romance, this is the book for you It's entertaining, funny and witty, it has a great romance with characters you'll love and who love each other like crazy I just have one problem with this, it somehow gets too sweet for me in the second half of the book I know, I know, what's wrong with sweet? Nothing, but I personally don't like those sugary endings. Maybe sometimes I love them, but most of the times not. This was in the most of the times category BUT - as I said, this is just me, if you like lovely and sweet romances, then this is right up your alley :)Anne is a governess with many secrets, always looking over her shoulder in fear of being recognized. Daniel has just returned from his exile and the first person he sees is Anne (of course) at the dreadful Smythe-Smith musicale And that was that. Daniel did a lot of scheming, but somehow managed to convince his aunt to come to his estate (and bring with her her daughters, and of course, the governess). They fight the attraction, well Daniel doesn't actually but Anne makes him do it . And aside from their feelings, Anne's past finally comes out on the open, and brings their lives in mortal danger Yes, it does sound rather omnious Loved both main characters :) They were strong and fought for their love (even though I kind of don't like the unrealistic matches, yeah it's all good to read about, but it would never happen, ever). Anne's story was quite sad and I felt bad for her. Daniel also had a tough time, running for his life for three years. They were a good mach :)BTW, Hugh appeared in this one He sounds so intriguing, and a possible excellent character Can't wait to read his book