The Duke's Perfect Wife (Highland Pleasures, #4)

The Duke's Perfect Wife (Highland Pleasures, #4) - Jennifer Ashley “You need to stay far away from me, Eleanor Ramsay. You say you don’t need protection, but that is exactly what you do need. From me.”Another great installment on the Highland Pleasures series, loved it, even though I expected more from this book, but oh well :D Hart and Eleanor were great, and I'm looking forward to the next book and seeing more of them together :)The storyEleanor Ramsay receives a photograph of her former fiancé, Hart Mackenzie, and decides to pay him a visit and ask for a job. The job would be finding out who sent the photo, because it's of Hart, completely nude. Something like that could seriously damage his political career, and besides, she needs the money now.Having announced his wish to marry again, Hart has only one woman in sight for the position, Eleanor. He couldn't have planned it better himself, although the photo is a serious matter, it brought her to his house, and got him a way to be close to her, to make Eleanor his again.Soon Eleanor starts investigating for real, going through Hart's past, which Hart doesn't want, and everything will become even more complicated after someone tries to kill him. Is the assassin the same person who is sending the letters? And will Hart and Eleanor be able to forgive and forget their pasts and start over?Hmmm :DDDDD"I’ll not be your perfect wife, Hart Mackenzie, obeying you because it’s my duty. I’ll search until I find you, and I’ll make you stay this time. I swear this."Well, like in the previous books, we get to see the family again, and it brings that something special to the story :) Ian's role was more pronounced in this one, and I'm not complaining LOLThe mystery in this one was interesting, the whole thing with the letters, although I had a suspicion early on about who could be the one sending them, and I was right in the end :D The attempts on Hart's life were the other storyline, also good, but nothing very mysterious about them. Loved the scene where it all went wrong, very emotional from Hart's point of view.Now, the last 30-40% were a bit of a let-down I'm afraid. I totally didn't like where the story went, and the resolution of it. I'm not very fond of separations in any of my books, and this just didn't sit with me, plus the whole thing was pretty uninteresting. Maybe I expected more from this book, but I don't know. Could have been better. So considering more than first half was 5 star, and the ending was 3, this rounds up on a nice 4 star rating :)"I want everything. To be your lover in all ways. I want to come to your bedroom every night and teach you things that will shock you. Best lock your door, El, because I don't know how long I can stay away." EleanorShe's the one that jilted Hart, but she still has deep feeling for him. Eleanor knows everything about Hart, he confided his darkest secrets to her, all but one. The house in which Hart kept his mistress and did "dark sexual things" in, is locked to her, Hart doesn't want to talk about what happened there, even though it could lead to finding out more about the photos.Eleanor sees how Hart has changed, he isn't happy anymore, just cold, and she wants to see the man he was before, from the time they were engaged.I have mixed feelings about Eleanor. I did like her, I loved her in the beginning of the book, but I just couldn't understand her, especially when their break-up was explained. I read it, and still can't figure out why was she so upset on behalf of his mistress, no more, no less, not herself or her hurt feelings. The whole jilting story was pretty ridiculous, I wish the author kept it simple, without inventing some god-awful reason for them to be separated.So yes, even though she was pretty great in the book, I couldn't get past that thing, and the fact that it took her years to forgive him for the way he treated his mistress. Seriously.Everything else in the present was jut fine, and I liked her with Hart :)"What Hart did was about trust, not pain - Hart promising the most exquisite joy to the woman who surrendered to him absolutely."HartBeing a duke and a politician, Hart is used to getting what he wants, and now he wants Eleanor. He's willing to do everything to get her back, all except telling her about his dark self, dark passions or what happened in the house he kept for his mistress.He is the protector of the family, and no one knows all he's done for them, except for Eleanor :) She's the only one he could trust, and he can't go on without her anymore. I am pretty disappointed in him as well. In the first book there was a scene with Ian remembering (I think) seeing Hart with a woman, him holding her throat and basically choking her while she came. And there was this constant mentioning through all the books about his dark nature and the things he used to do in that house with his former mistress. And again, Hart himself constantly repeated that he has these dark cravings and he can't show them to Eleanor.Well he didn't. He didn't show them to her or to me. He was as vanilla as it gets, except for a few thoughts of his about cravat usage, and one scene where he actually used it. But nothing DARK. Nada.Now, I'm not obsessed with kinky, that I need to read it in every book, but damn, I read kinkier stuff in some normal historicals than I did in this one. And most of all, it all reflected to his characterisation, and it lacked. All that aside, I still pretty much loved him, but I just wish he was as who he was rumored to be through the first books. "He could unwind his cravat and use it to gently tie her wrists. Or maybe to blindfold her so that she wouldn't know what pleasure he intended for her. He wanted to strip everything from her-gown, corset, lift her to the desk, spread her across it, and lick her from her throat to the glory between her legs."Even with all this "ranting" above, I still loved the book :) I really enjoyed reading it, no matter the characters or the story, so this still isn't one to miss when it comes to reading this series. I'm pretty addicted to it, and no matter how many books there are - I WANT MORE!