The Chief (Highland Guard Series #1)

The Chief - Monica McCarty "Together they were a force to be reckoned with. He felt like he was standing on the edge of something momentous. As if history were about to be made. The dawn of a new age of warrior harkened—the dawn of the Highlander."-Dunvegan Castle-Well! I've found another author I will certainly adore And one more fantastic Highlander series I'm in heaven One warrior Highlander Chief - enough to make you swoon An elite warrior Highlander army - heart palpitations! Beware! The backgroundI just have to say I LOVE the fact that this is historically based. Reading about Willian Wallace, Robert Bruce and all those characters from Braveheart (yes, I'm a Mel Gibson fan :P ), the locations are real, and I have googled it all, and it was so freaking beautiful I want to move to Scotland! The picture above - Dunvegan Castle, is where this story is placed, that's Tor's castle and it is on the Isle of Skye (picture below). Simply beautiful. The storyAfter William Wallace's death, Robert Bruce decides to form an army. The best warriors Scotland has to give, to fight united and free Scotland from the English rule. The fiercest warrior is chosen to lead them - Tor MacLeod. The only problem is - he does not wish the part. Christina is from a noble family, but one against King Edward, and whose father decides to use her as pawn to secure Tor's leadership of the Elite warriors. Found together in bed, Tor and Christina are to be married, and he takes his new bride home to Dunvegan Castle. Along with training the recruits who can't stand each other, Tor has to make room in his life for his new bride, which he is reluctant to do. She tries to win his affection, and love :) Will she succeed? DUH! -The Isle of Skye-ChristinaShe's a real romantic dreaming of Lancelot, a knight in shining armour coming to her rescue, all dazzling and stuff XD When she first saw Tor, he was beating the sh*t out of another warrior, and it was brutal and fierce. Her cry to stop was the only thing that prevented Tor to kill the other man. Even though he doesn't fit the knight description, she's still entranced by him, his strenght, his muscles (well she has eyes right ), his steely blue eyes and golden hair... He should really be sculpted, and from what I read, his manhood should be molded and sold to sex-shops Anyway, she can't help but feel hope that her warrior cares for her, or that he will grow to love her :) Love the way she didn't give up on him, and the last thing she did - I approve Not the actuall thing she did, but that it made Tor to grovel eheheheheheheh Tor*swoon, gushing, swoon, giggle, want to lick, want to kick, swoon again, want to hug, squeallllll*I think that covers my reactions to him He's the uber alpha warrior, can't get any better than that! A Chief to his clan, he's the best warrior in Scotland, and damn but he's pretty too! Golden hair? *swoon* Strength and muscles all over *swOOOOn* He's been the head of the clan from the age of 10, and isn't ruled by emotions. Having seen his family killed, he's sworn to himself that he wouldn't let anyone close, to trust or to love. Christina tests that constantly. He can't help but feel for her, and doesn't like it one bit. It was kind of cute seeing him all flustered around her, when he did something that would betray his emotions, and quickly try to hide it XD Although, he was really thick sometimes (I mean mentally, although the other way as well XD). He didn't trust her enough to tell her about the warriors he was training, and damn, but I wanted to kick his ass for it Still, he redeemed himself nicely heheheh :) Just loved the ending, even though it may have been a little too sweet, but what the hell, they deserved it And now? I have read about all those other men who'll have their own books! My brain is I want to read them NOW!! Gah! Me love Highlanders so much