The Hawk (Highland Guard Series #2)

The Hawk - Monica McCarty Can I just say how much I'm in love with all the covers from this series? I want one of those!! The story in this one takes place (mostly) on Spoon Island After her sister persuades her to go to an annual ritual swim in the sea, Ellie gets kidnapped by Viking pirates (well, at least that's what she thinks )Hawk was at a meeting, securing more troops to Bruce's cause, when they spotted Ellie. Not being able to risk it if she were a spy, he takes her with him on his ship as a hostage, but promises her safe return home.He doesn't know that's she's the daughter of a powerful man, the earl of Ulster, and she thinks he's nothing but a pirate. After a few escape attempts and then rescues, they manage to actually like each other, and see beyond their appearances. Well. I liked the story, the idea of it, although it could have been better at some points :S For instance, Ellie, a young girl swimming, is kidnapped by some terrifying emormous Viking-looking men. Normal reaction for those days? Fear of rape and/or murder I'd say. Here? Someone grabs her from behind, she doesn't even see his face, but manages to notice his timbre of voice, how it's soothing and what not. Umm, ok. I get that Hawk is an ultra hot dude-warrior, but hey, she just got kidnapped and is alone on a ship full of men, but she still admires his skills as a seafarer? Umm, ok. One other thing, there was a ridiculous sex scene in this book, I didn't know whether to laugh at it or cry They're on a little boat, and there's this huge storm, rain is pouring down at them, and the waves are tossing them back and forth, and they manage to find the urge to have sex in a situation like this Seriously? I loved everything else in the book though There was a big historical part in here as well, with Robert Bruce, some chapters from his POV too :) Kinda different, but I liked it :)And yes, this really does have a feel like a historical Black Ops book Love it!The charactersHawk is very charming, knows his good looks, and was always successful with women. The problem is, his usual charm doesn't work on Ellie. And it's frustrating But what's more frustrating is that he actually wants her to like him. That's why most of the time he treats her like a jerk and the rest of the time he tries to seduce her Ellie is not so immune to his charm, but she just doesn't show it. She's attracted to him, and realises he's not the usual pirate, if he is one at all. Having led a quite boring life for years, she likes the adventure she gets with Hawk, and trusts him eventually that he'll return her home. Only that after some time, she finds she doesn't want to return. One thing that was a major bother with their story, Hawk's self-sacrifice. OMG! I mean, what kind of Viking/Highlander was he? They should take what they want, or at least fight for it somehow, not take the noble way out Bad Hawk! I just wanted to kick him after he did it! Aaaaaanyway, I couldn't help but really, really like this book, even if there were some parts that were silly and ridiculous XDXD I guess it's the Highlander romance + historical + an awesome hot warrior as male lead and so on Off to the next one!