Caine's Reckoning (Hell's Eight Series #1)

Caine's Reckoning - Sarah McCarty "Danger lurked around him in an invisible shimmer, so much a part of his presence, she didn’t even think he realized it. She knew he could kill as easily as he changed his socks, and she knew he wouldn’t worry overly much about it when he was done. Survival was a matter of course to him. He was a lot like the land that way—rugged, deadly and uncompromising. Those who understood that and respected it would survive.Those who didn’t, would die."Why oh why didn't I read more western books before????????After reading two books from this series, I can definitely say I'll be reading more, especially from this author! The storyCaine and Desi are forced to marry after he saves her from some kidnappers and she tries to run away from him several times :DDesi's got some nasty people she's trying to get away from, and luckily for her, Caine realises it and brings her into Hell's Eight protection :)They both take time to adjust to married life, with Caine trying to get Desi to trust him and let go of her fears, and Desi thinking it would never work between them.The bad guys from Desi's past are the main threat, and Caine will do everything he can to get revenge for what they did to her.Caine met her gaze, letting her see the determination rolling through him. “I’ve spent my whole life kicking ass and it’ll be a cold day in hell before I change my ways when my wife’s the one hurt.”“They’ll kill you.”“They’re welcome to try.”Forced marriages are one of my favorite plots, and I loved it here :DDesi tries to run away a lot and I loved those scenes, plus them being married and Caine trying to make her feel safe with him... Awesome :))Since this is in the past, all the laws are different, so you can guess how the dealing with the bad guys is too :) I have no problem with it ahahhahah :D Oh I forgot, the scenes with the cock (male chicken) were hilarious!! The Hell's EightI love the idea btw :DThey are all Rangers, tough-ass, not afraid to kill (well they have a licence for it ahahah), plus the horses, the riding, the shooting, the whole wild west thing... LOVE!!!!I am already dying to get to the next books, especially Desi's sister and Tracker!!!!! Seriously can't wait for that one!Caine looked up, pinning Tucker with his gaze. “It’s my woman he touched. My woman he hurt.My woman he threatens, so it’ll be my hand that ends his miserable life.”Caine and DesiCaine is a Ranger, gunslinger, fighter, and a man who is NOT the marrying kind. That of course changes when he meets Desi, he wants to protect her and care for her, after seeing what she went through.Even though he wouldn't choose the marriage, he is prepared to do his best to make it work.Desi was put in the protection of a gambler who took advantage of her, and she was abused for over a year and unable to get away.After Caine saves her and they get married, she is still afraid of him, thinking he's the same like all the others who raped her.Caine shows her different, and she learns to let go with him :)He was really great to Desi, I loved the way he tried to make her feel safe and was all protective and gentle