The Pleasures of Winter

The Pleasures of Winter - Evie Hunter OK, first and most important!The smexy times in this book are hot! Flammable! OK now I can move on :DThe story is about Abbie, a reporter, on the run from some bad guys, and she ends up in Jack Winter's airplane doing an interview on him The pilot has a heart-attack and they crash in a jungle somewhere :DNow, remember that movie, "Six days, seven nights"? Weeeell, this kind of reminded me of that one :D Me likey :) Anyway, Jack, Abbie, Kevin and another guy who's so irritating I didn't even remember his name, are going through the jungle trying to find help somewhere.BTW, just have to mention this one... Imagine this situation: You're in a plane that's stuck and about to fall waaaaaaaaaay down, you just experienced a plane crash, saw a dead body, and have to go down and jump from the plane and save yourself, BUT somehow, you seem to be able to feel some sexual attraction and get all hot and bothered while you're preparing to jump down? Hmm? I. Think. Not. I mean, I can't say I ever experienced something like that, but I know what fear does to you, and in a situation like this? You wouldn't feel tingles if your breast accidentaly touched his arm. Jeez. That's done, moving on with the story They're in the jungle, and lots of dangers and animals are about. Jack and Kevin are in charge, and in one situation they go to find food/wood/something and Jack tells Abbie to bury the remains of the snake they ate so the predators wouldn't smell it and come to them. She. Forgot.And of course, a predator came and it was scary and whatever. Then later, she went to bathe and found a puddle somewhere (a deep puddle, but still, somewhere in the jungle, whatever puddle it might be, who knows what's in there??). Anyway, instead of a quick rinse/clean, she decides to take a bath, removes her clothes and goes in to soak a bit. Suffice to say, there was another unfortunate incident The rest of the story goes about in the city, after they are rescued, and they can't stop thinking of each other :DThe charactersThis is how I saw Jack:He's a Hollywood actor, one of the best, a bad boy, kinda naughty, and is into kinky stuff :) Yum :) eheheheh Although, he constantly kept saying he has a dark side, he's into heavy serious stuff, and so on, that I thought there was gonna be some serious BDSM in this one. Nope. It was all pretty standard stuff, a bit of bondage and spiced up sex, well, there was only one scene where he "lets loose" and spanks her with lots of stuff hahahah hand, cane, flogger and stuff :D But other than that? Not very intense at all. But HOT! Oh my was it hot :D I just melted at some scenes, oh the one with the webcams Anyway, I liked him a lot :DThis is how I saw Abbie:She's supposed to be some kick-ass reporter, but shows very little brain in the book. Her idiotics really got on my nerves But later she was OK I guess :)Anyway, I loved the chats they had on the internet :D those were great :D And I really enjoyed this book, even with all the OMG's and all hahahahah so if you want a smexy read, grab this one, and just try not to take it too seriously :D*ARC courtesy of Penguin Books Ltd via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*