Trick of Time

Trick of Time - J.L. Merrow *full review now posted*This is a lovely story about time travel, and what a person is ready to do for the one he loves :)The storyTed Ennis works in the Criterion Theatre, and one day, stepping out to take a cigarette break, he walks out and finds himself in the past.At first he thinks it's a movie set, but soon realises he's in Victorian England (or possibly having hallucinations LOL)He sees a beautiful young man standing on a corner, approaches him and finds out that he's a rent boy.The next day Ted goes to another cigarette break, and again, he goes back in time.Jem (the rent boy) leads him to an alley and gives him a blow job, which makes Ted feel guilty because he didn't have any money with him.After several more trips to the past, Ted tries to find out how the time travel works, because he knows something terrible will happen...I liked the idea of it, traveling back in time via the Criterion Theater, and Ted trying to figure out what to do to get to the exact time-frame he needed.BUT, in my opinion, this would've been EXCELLENT, if only it was longer :( As it was, the romance between Jem and Ted was REALLY rushed, they've seen each other only a couple of times and that's it...I'd love to know more about the time travel thing, and basically, I just wanted MORE :DThe writing is great, really, really well done, and no complaints about that part :DThe prostitute thing just seemed a bit off in this one too (to me) dunno why. JemWe don't know much (anything) about him, except that he's a rent boy and very poor. He likes Ted and doesn't want to take money from him.I felt really bad for him, especially near the end :(TedHe's a widower and hasn't been in a relationship since his husband died. Ted is very attracted to Jem, and can't stop visiting the past, just so he could have some more stolen moments with him.I love the way he fought to get back, and what he did for Jem.One thing that didn't sit right with me was the fact that Jem was a prostitute (well not that fact) but Ted getting a blow job from the guy right at the beginning. He did pay him for it later and all, but still. I guess it's just my thing and I was uncomfortable with the way their relationship started :( I just wish there wasn't any sex for money in this one :( So, I liked it, but some parts didn't go with me.It was an enjoyable enough story, with a new twist that I REALLY liked, so I'm giving it three stars :)*ARC courtesy of Carina Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*