Burning Up

Burning Up (Berkley Sensation) -  'Meljean Brook',  'Virginia Kantra', 'Angela Knight', Nalini Singh This review is only for "Whisper of sin" by Nalini SinghA bit longer than her other short stories from this series, but really interesting, sweet and so very HOT Emmett and Ria were great, had chemistry like crazy, I'd say more than some of her couples from the "real" Psy books. The story starts after someone attacked and tried to rape Ria. Emmett and Dorian saved her, and Emmett took upon himself to take care of her and protect her from further attacks. So, him being her bodyguard of sorts, they spend a lot of time together and of course it all goes in the direction of him climbing the wall of her house to get into her room in the night And may I repeat, they were very hot