Breath on Embers

Breath on Embers - Anne Calhoun "Maybe it was the degree of separation the mirrors put between them. Probably she wasn’t even aware of it, but she watched him with such longing, such intense yearning, his heart expanded hard against his sternum."This was just brilliant! It had HOT sex scenes, great characters, very hot sex scenes, it was emotional, extremely hot sex scenes, it actually made me cry at one point between all those awesome sex scenes if you can believe it!!!The writing style is GREAT! This book didn't just have sex and sex and more sex in various positions :D It was emotional sex, and emotional characters, and it made me feel for them. So YAY for that :) I highly recommend it!“Was it too much?”It took her a moment to figure out that he meant the skating, not the emotionally devastating sex, and that was an unsettling realization. What used to be her distraction, her unsubtle, meaningless way to fill the void, had somehow become meaningful.The storyThea and Ronan have been seeing each other for months now. But when I say seeing, I mean having sex. They're not in a relationship, and Thea wants to keep it that way, even though every time it gets harder because Ronan manages to bring the emotional factor in."Except...she didn’t feel numb to him. Bodies don’t lie. Her body spoke of a soul-deep pain. Every time he saw her, she used something to drown out the world, until his patient assault on her senses was rewarded with her full, undivided attention."Ronan doesn't want her to shut him out, so he starts to spend more time with her, doing something other than sex. The most important thing for him is to prove to Thea that their sex isn't meaningless, that there are emotions between them, so she'd realise she's not so cold, and maybe embrace life again, with him.“You’ve tried and tried to keep your emotions out of this, and every time you can’t. Because it isn’t anonymous, meaningless, or emotionless. Maybe it was then. Maybe. But doesn’t matter where we do it, how we do it, or who we do it with. It’s personal. It’s meaningful. And it’s by God emotional.”“You’re the most complicated woman I’ve ever met. You’d never give anything so weak as an impression. One look from you hits me like an express train blasting through a local station, and you’re not even trying.”TheaHer husband died two years ago, and she's still in a very bad place. She didn't move on with her life, and used sex with Ronan as an outlet. She thinks herself cold and emotionless, dead inside, and is terrified of the emotions Ronan awakens in her. That's why she wants to break off their "thing".Thea's convinced it's just sex between them, and it can't be anything more, and she wants to prove it to Ronan by having a threesome (that would mean it's the same to her who she has sex with, Ronan or someone else, it's just sex).“I can handle a threesome,” he said, darkly amused. “But this may tell you something you don’t want to know about yourself. About us.”I have a friend who lost her husband not so long ago, and I know it isn't something anyone can get over quickly and without help from friends and family. Thea has basically shut everyone out of her life, she didn't allow herself to grieve her husband properly, and now she goes through life just doing the routine, and blocking every emotion out. I understand that. Once you permit yourself to feel one thing, it starts like an avalanche, dragging all the other feelings out.Every time she sees Ronan, she plans sex, detached sex. It doesn't go that way because he isn't detached, and neither is she, she just doesn't want to admit it to herself.I felt really bad for her, when she was baking the cookie, and the ending with the candle. I shed a tear or two there :("You keep trying to drown this out. I’ll keep doing my thing, but I’m not going to help you go under."RonanRonan is a firefighter who experienced loss himself, and knows what Thea's going through. He wants to shake her out of her bubble, so she finally understands what's going on between them.Some of the ways are through some hot hot hot hot sex!!!!!“Ride me.” His voice was pure male demand. “Like you did in the park.”I mean OMG, next to the emotions there were some incredibly hot sex scenes, just flammable!They had some amazing chemistry, and Ronan's dirty mouth just helped there ehehehehehehLove the guy