Gold Digger

Gold Digger - Aleksandr Voinov This was my first book by Aleksandr Voinov and I really liked it :) Although, I'll do a re-read after I finish (get the nerve to actually start reading) Soldiers, I think I'll understand some things better :)"Henri stood and moved in front of him. Nikolai glanced up from his hands, and there was a whole lot of impressively flat, naked midriff in front of him. He leaned forward, pressed his face into it, and was oddly relieved when Henri ran his fingers through his hair. He did like those touches, and this embrace was no different than what he might have done if Henri were a woman."The story - Nikolai's boss sends him to Toronto to make a business deal with a powerful company - LeBeau Mining. He meets Henri LeBeau and sparks fly Even though Nikolai's straight, he reacts to Henri's flirting and accepts a no-strings-attached blow job That turned out well because he went back for more hahah and the first sex was HOT When the business deal with LeBeau fails because they planned a take-over, Nikolai goes to visit his father in New Zealand to deal with some personal family issues. And who does he see there? Why Henri, of course “I’m not some crazy stalker. I have a reason to be here.”“I bet that’s what every crazy stalker tells himself.” LOVE this quote hahahahNikolai - I have to say, I was really surprised that he's bisexual, and I just love it! But from what I could gather, he comes from an all-kinds-of-sexual family, and is open and tolerant (LOVE THAT). He's attracted to Henri and decides to see where it goes, and it goes to some hot sex . His family, hmmm not the best in the world. His sister is pretty much a b*tch, and he doesn't have that good a relationship with his mother. He goes to visit Vadim, his father, I just loved their bonding, and Nikolai asking for advice regarding Henri and his attraction to men/being bisexual. Henri - I wanted more of him! I think I just maybe liked him better than Nikolai Don't kill me Soldiers/Vadim/Nikolai fans I just loved the way he was so direct! That Chandler pic down below my review describes perfectly how I reacted to most of his lines He knew what he wanted, and went after it, although in a stalkish kind of way XD Loved the way he helped Nikolai in the end, being an ultra good guy The writing style's great, so I know I'll be coming back for more, yay :)