Dark Highlander (Highlander Series #5)

The Dark Highlander - Karen Marie Moning This book oozes hotness from every pore! Wow. Well done. The recipe for a great book? Hmm what could it be?In a large bowl of Scotland, put in two brothers. Add a bit of druid extract, and mix it through time and space. When you are done with mixing, separate the brothers in two bowls, each will get his own book. Now, in each bowl add a seriously intelligent woman who's not affraid to believe in the impossible. Mix some more, for the ingredients have to fall in love. Are they in love yet? Yes? Stop mixing and pour it in the mold, then to the oven because they need to be extra HOT for a while. Are they sizzling and burning up the pages? Yes? Get them out, now they are ready to be read. And the reading will be absolutely delicious!This is a story of the second brother, Dageus. In the previous book, he goes back in time to prevent the death of his brother, and because he used his power for selfish reasons, he became the vessel for 13 most evil druids that existed. He became dark. Chloe is an antiquitarian (or something like that XD) and has to deliver a translation of an ancient book to some unknown rich guy. That turns out to be Dageus. After she discovers he is the famous thief who steals books, Dageus must keep her locked in his apartment, because he can't risk being arrested. Every day, he slips more and more into the dark, and is at his end trying to find a solution to break the curse.Chloe - another virgin in need of a cherry-picker (I mean, what's up with that? Is every girl in this series a freaking virgin???) she is very intelligent, and knows her antiques and ancient languages :) She is seriously attracted to Dageus, and even though he kept her locked in his room for a while, she ends up helping him in the search for other books that might explain how to return the 13 druids back to where they came from.Dageus - He's one of the sexiest characters I've read. I just want to him heheh A Scottish Highlander gone dark, tortured hero, who only finds himself through sex, I mean wow He actually needs his sex therapy, it keeps him from embracing the dark druids in him. And MAN. Was he hot! The foreplays were steaming, and the first sex, my oh my, I kinda got the feeling he's quite into domination, and boy :O HOT! Ok now that I said HOT about a million times, I can go on XD Loved the rest of his character too XD He's alienated himself from his family, the further from Scotland he is, the more peace he can find. But he's losing time, soon the druids will take over him, and then there would be world destruction and he must not allow that to happen. They were lovely together and I love the fact that they were actually together for a good part of the book, not being separated by villains or some other stupid sh*t. The most beautiful moment in the book is when Chloe takes his hand when he tells her he and his brother are not in good terms, I just have to put it here: "A few moments later, she slipped her wee hand into his.He tensed, startled by the gesture. He was accustomed to women reaching for many parts of him, none of them his hand.He glanced at her, but she was staring straight ahead. Yet her hand was in his.He closed his fingers around hers before she might snatch it away. Her wee hand was nearly swallowed by his. It meant more to him than kisses. More even than bedplay. When women sought him for sex, it was for their pleasure.But Chloe's small hand had been given without taking." beautiful So I loved this book, it had everything, a great story, a tortured hero, a smart heroine, sensuality to burn the pages and then some XD