The Rebuilding Year

The Rebuilding Year - Kaje Harper "It was just like it had been. Except it wasn’t. There was that edge of tension that never went away. In the past, he might have bumped up against Ryan, if both of them were going for the fridge at the same time. Or he would have put out a hand to the man’s elbow, if some move shifted Ryan’s weight onto the bad leg wrong. Because the fool refused to use his cane around the house. Now, though, there was a careful few inches of space between them at all times. And yet he was always aware of exactly where Ryan was. And of wanting him."This is my favorite quote from the book, just love it!!!The book itself was really good, I loved it at some parts and really disliked some others, but overall it's a great read that I'd recommend to any new M/M reader :)The storyJohn is a gardener at the college Ryan attends. They meet, form a friendship, and soon Ryan moves in with John who is looking for a tenant. After an emotional episode they share a kiss and it changes everything between them.In the meantime, there is something strange going on with the college kids, some of them turning dead or suicidal.The charactersBoth MCs are straight (at the beginning of the book ehehehehe).John is divorced with two kids, and Ryan is a former fireman with a knee injury.So, how they hook up?It's a slow build, we get to see their friendship and how they're relaxed around each other, living together and all. Then the KISS happens!