Exquisite (Exquisite, #1)

Exquisite (Exquisite, #1) - Ella Frank “This isn’t done, though. Whatever it is you’re thinking, don’t even think about it. I’m here to stay; you don’t get to kick me out yet.” ! I don't know what to say except - this is one damn awesome book and you have to read it because it's THAT damn awesome and you'll fall in love with Mason and he's extremely hot and the peach pie scene will make you combust and the sex scenes will have you in a cold shower and you'll probably cry at the end but it's all worth it because there's a beautiful happy ending! *sucks in air* *breaths out* OK now that's out of my system, let's get on with the review!“You know? That outfit was designed to deter me from seeing you as a woman. Buttoned up from waist to neck and pants covering any skin available.” He paused and then sat forward. “I hate to be the one to break it to you, Lena, but it does the exact opposite. It just makes me want to know what’s under there and how I can get to it,” he told her, shocked to discover that was exactly what he wanted to find out.The storyNine years after the death of her sister, Lena still feels guilty for being the one driving the car when the accident happened. She doesn't let people get too close, and is struggling with nightmares every day.Mason is the owner and chef of the popular restaurant "Exquisite", and what he doesn't need in his life is being yelled at by a cold infuriating doctor only because he delivered flowers to her. Lena is angry thinking the delivery man reported her to her superior, and when she enters "Exquisite" and sees him there, she loses no time in arguing and insulting him. After proving he didn't report her, Mason accepts her apology only if she agrees to have a date with him And so it goes, along with the attraction they feel, they get on each other's nerves and manage to fight all the time, say exactly the wrong things, and do exactly the wrong things Eventually Mason helps Lena get rid of her guilt, and she helps him in a difficult time in his life, and it all wraps up in a beautiful story with a beautiful happy end that you simply must read! “I’m not going anywhere unless you make me or someone up there,” he paused, raising his eyes skyward, “makes me. But you can’t go through life not letting anyone in on the off chance they’ll die. Or you’ll end up dying from a lonely heart.”First, let me tell you something about myself. I have cardriveophobia. Of course, I just invented that expression, I don't really know if something like that exists, but if it does, I've got it. I was terribly afraid to drive a car. I think I was 25 when I first sat and drove it, and I was scared like sh*t! But I had to have my driving licence, so I braved it out. Now I have my own car and I love driving it, but I can't drive any other. I'm just weird. Yeah I know, now you're thinking; "What the hell do I care about Blacky and her fear of driving??", and my point is (finally), that I've thought like a million times, if I'm ever in a car accident, I'd rather for me to get hurt, instead of someone else. 'Cause somewhere deep down I have this fear I'll have a big car accident and DIE (that doesn't stop me from driving mwahahahah), and I get how Lena felt after the death of her sister. It doesn't really matter that the light was green, and that the other person was responsible. She was the one driving. I understand because I would have felt EXACTLY the same. So right there in the first chapter - I connected with Lena, and I felt for her throughout the book. I guess that made me love it just a bit more :)About the story... One thing I HATE in books is insta-love. Just doesn't seem real no matter how it's portrayed. This DOESN'T happen here. Lena and Mason's relationship was just so REAL from the beginning to the end, and that's another thing I absolutely loved! They start off pretty much hating each other, even with the sexual attraction, and it takes them a while to get to liking, and then something deeper, to start a relationship. It was a slow build through the book, both with the story and their emotions, and I guess the same was with my feelings about it. I started off liking the book but the more I read the more I fell in love, and by the time I finished I was ready to propose and have my "happy ever after" with it The writing is great, but let me stress that you should definitely read the new edited version :) It's easier and I was more focused on the story and characters :)The characters are great, loved them both and will talk about them later in their own sections LOLThe sex and the chemistry between them is AMAZING, lots of smexy times, even the scenes where they don't actually have sex were extremely HOT! Like the peach pie scene... The damn shower scene that near got me a heart-attack! And then the sex, oh my! The one against the window... Well let's just say it's pantie melting, and I'll leave it to you to read and know what I'm talking about.The emotions - Now, you'll probably think I'm weird, well I probably am, but my favorite scene from this book isn't anything involving hot smexy times. *gasp* Yeah I may be crazy, but there you have it. One hug, one beautifully written hug is my favorite scene, not just from this book but one of the best ever! I don't know why it affected me that much, maybe because it was near the end and it was uber-emotional before that, so when she hugged him... This is it, well there's more but it's a huge quote so I'll just put a part of it... It's near the end, so if you plan on reading the book don't open it :) I just had to have it in my review, love it too much not to. Sorry.Not saying anything, she moved in behind him and ran a hand around his waist until her palm was flat against his stomach. When he did nothing but stand there, she did the same thing with the other hand until she had her arms wrapped around his waist with both palms flat on his shirt just above his belt buckle. She pulled him back a little and moved in, molding herself to his back. Her breasts brushed against his shirt with every breath she took and she gently placed her cheek between his shoulders. Closing her eyes, she listened to his breathing, in out, in out. Her hands tightened and she felt him shudder. (loved their picnic scene btw