Kiss of Snow (Psy-Changeling Series)

Kiss of Snow - Nalini Singh I started my re-read and have only one thing in my mind for this:This book just blew my mind Bye Bye brain After waiting through 9 books to get to this one (yes, freaking 9 , freaking (although fantastic) books) I have to say - IT DIDN'T DISSAPOINT! Kiss of Snow is one of the best books I've read (not just this year :P ) it deserves atleast a 100 of these guys After dancing around each other for the last nine books (nine!!), Hawke has reached the limits of his self-restraint, and Sienna's control over her abilities is virtually non-existent when she's around him. She's no longer a teenager defected from the Psy, she's a member of the wolf pack and trained as a soldier. What few know, is that she's the most powerful Psy that ever existed. A X-Psy, rarity in itself, she's a cardinal, with powers beyond measure. Hawke is the wolf pack's alpha. And when I say alpha, you can imagine the most alpha male you've ever read and multiply with a 100 He is intense, his inner wolf is almost always at the surface, wild, posessive and sexy as freaking hell! The chemistry between them was bursting all over, and when he finally decided to go for it (finally, finally), oh boy, that caused my total meltdown They are both strong personalities, Hawke, of course, being alpha, and Sienna, being trained as a child to be the perfect killing machine. They fight all the time and flirt all the time and the sex scenes HOT! Amazingly HOT!Those two aside, I loved all the other litte stories in here, Sascha had her baby, Walker and Lara had a lovely romance, we get to see almost every couple from the previous books, Judd having a slightly bigger role here (did I mention I just love him