Kiss a Falling Star

Kiss a Falling Star - Barbara Elsborg This is a story about Ally, who moves to her brother's cottage after someone tries to kill her in London.She goes to the local pub and meets the broody Caspar, the black sheep of the town. Even though the whole town warns her not to, she goes on a date with him, and their first kiss ends up beneath the stars, outside of his house, and damn it was HOT!BUT! Ally still has someone who wants to kill her, even though no one believes her, and she's trying to make things right with Caspar, ultimately making the town like him again :)Plus, they have some ultra-sexy hot scorching times while trying to figure everything out :DThe writing - Loved it! This is a new author for me, and I didn't need time to adjust or anything :) I even loved it more because of the British thing ehehehhe I love the different expressions and all, so...The story - It took me a while to get into it, about 10-15%. It was kind of weird for me in the beginning, the fact that he's broke and basically living off his parents, but then it was discovered he was in jail, and the whole town hates him and no one wants to give him a job or any kind of chance :( I felt bad seeing him struggle."Ally watched him leave the store and her shoulders slumped. Well, that was that. There was only so much rejection a woman could take.“He’s not worth it, love,” said the lady serving her.Except Ally rather thought he was."Ally's part of the story was the suspense thing, someone wanted her dead and she was hiding out in the country. There's a filming of a new Jane Eyre mentioned, and the famous actors come to the same town so we get a bit of a storyline with them too :)The suspense - We get to see a lot of potential suspects, and a few more attempts on Ally's life, but it isn't very tense and dramatic, I guess it's because of the feel of the whole book, it ends up on the light side and funny, cause Ally's got a great sense of humor :DI predicted who could be the bad guy though :D Could've been more challenging, but oh well :)The humor - It isn't in your face humor, just light and funny, mostly coming from Ally :) Loved it :))"Ally couldn’t sever her relationships by brute force. Instead, she spent hours trying to be kind and unravel the affair with words while she lied through her teeth.It’s not you, it’s me. It’s definitely you.I need time to find myself. And you keep getting in the way.You’re too good for me. You’re crap in bed.Things are moving too fast. You’re crap in bed."The sex - Very hot!!! That man must have a magic d*ck or something, to always be up ahahhahahhaha but really, seriously hot, hot sex!"Caspar was in imminent danger of coming all over his stomach. He sent a silent threat to his balls, threatening to wrap them in tight leather if they let him down.They tingled in response.Shit, seems they like the sound of that."The characters - Wow! Loved them both and that's a hard thing to accomplish! What I loved most was the fact that they thought with their own heads, figured out what was happening, what they did wrong, there was no unnecessary drama because of a misunderstanding, and they didn't need to suffer until the other character revealed what it was in the first place that got them apart! Anyway. They have actual brains and think like actual people would. So yeah. Absolutely loved them both :))"She’s doing this for me. In a moment of clarity, Caspar realized how much Ally wanted to make the others accept him and his heart swelled with…something he didn’t want to give a name. He wasn’t used to people being on his side. He’d spent so long feeling isolated he’d forgotten the pleasure of having a friend. More than a friend."CasparI have a huge crush on him