Wild - Jill Barnett Young Teleri finds a wounded knight in the forest and nurses him back to health I really enjoyed reading this, simply wonderful The storyUpon arriving to the place where his new castle should be, Roger finds a young woman in the middle of the stone field, trying to heal a bird, and to his shock, succeeding. There wouldn't be anything weird about it if she wasn't chanting and praying to the heavens for help . And even THAT wouldn't mean anything much, if she didn't have a horse that was stolen from his friend Merrick a few years ago. He begins the chase after her, and finds himself lost in the forest. A day or two after that, Teleri stumbles upon a dead man, well, not completely dead, but very close to it. She recognises the man who hunted her. Still, she can't leave him there, and decides to help him as best she can. This part of the story was very interesting just loved it! Roger is angry like hell when he wakes up, and Teleri is afraid of him. Still, she nurses him slowly to health, and they get to know each other, and them falling in love was just beautiful TeleriA descendant of the old Druids, Teleri is now considered as a witch, and the people from her village had banished her long ago. She now lives in a forest, surrounded by animals and trees, her life is almost completely wild. The only human contact she has is people throwing stones at her, and occasional visits from her grandmother, another "witch". She's unable to harm a single living thing, she lives in peace with the forest, and understands the animals (no, she's not Tarzan ) She's a healer, and that's why she wasn't able to leave Roger to die. She nursed him back to health even if that meant he could hurt her when he recovers. I just felt so sorry for her. It was pretty sad watching her life in the woods, even though she was happy (sort of) living that way. And her connection with her animals was just so funny, but that one scene when she said goodbye to the horse, omg, I actually cried, yes, real tears leaking from my eyes This is how I picture her lool, it's perfect XDXDRogerRoger was recently dumped by Elizabeth, a woman he loves since they were teenagers. A married woman whose husband just returned from war. Afraid of those two killing each other, the king sends Roger as far away as he can, into Welsh territory. But someone still wants him dead, and tries to hang him in the woods where he was chasing Teleri. She finds him, and he gets better, even though he can't talk because of what the rope did to his throat. He really can't stand her at the beginning, thinking she's nothing but a thief, but soon realises she's pure goodness . She nurses wounded animals, is a bit of a nature child, always says exactly what's on her mind :) I loved the way he slowly began to realise how great she is, and what kind of life she'd had so far. There were moments, brief snatches of time, when he caught her looking at him or when she smiled, and something more than life came from her. Whatever it was, this strange power he felt, seemed to be linked to him in some powerful but odd way. As if some part of her were also a part of him. A part he had never known existed until the past few days.When he went hunting to find supper, she went into hysterics because she wouldn't hurt an animal, ever. Poor guy, only was trying to help So, this was such an enjoyable read! Just loved the story, them living together in a little cabin, him sick, healing, and slowly falling in love with her It would have been 5 stars if it wasn't for the last 15% or so of the book. Again, like in the first one from this series, the story was going in one direction from the beginning, and it was all good and great, then it all gets resolved at 20% from the ending, and starts a new story that's just there to get some tension or something that I just don't like It was still great, but could have been better with the conclusion of it all.The best scene, OMG I laughed like crazy Teleri was attacked by some idiots from the village, and Roger and his friend Merrick are taking care of her, as in making something to eat XDXD But considering she's a vegetarian, they can't just hunt an animal and roast it XDXD It was just hilarious XD