The Island

The Island - Lisa Henry "Whatever happens here, your soul’s unbreakable.He kept his eyes closed.It’s a shame the rest of me is made of f*cking glass.""He was lying in a bed, and the man was holding his hand and stroking his thumb across his palm, and he hadn’t hurt him.What’s the first thing you remember?This."Wow. I absolutely LOVED this book! Loved!! So amazing and so emotional, heartbreaking at times, but I cried happy tears more than the sad ones :D Ahh I have no idea what to say in my review, I only know I'll have to squeeze in my 20+ quotes somehow well maybe I won't put them all, but I apologize in advance "So beautiful here, Shaw thought, so peaceful.So remote. So dangerous."The storyShaw arrives to a Fiji Island in order to sell a stolen painting to a drug lord and crime boss sadistic bastard Vornis, whom I hate with an undying flame! Shaw plans to make connections in the crime world and thinks to do it through Vornis, so he agrees to stay for a week, until the painting is authenticated. As a welcoming present, Vornis sends him his new toy... A young American DEA agent caught during a mission, who is brutally tortured, physically, sexually and mentally.Shaw has no other option but to accept, but instead of raping him like he was supposed to, he fakes it for the cameras so his host wouldn't know. Shaw is torn between his morals and business, seeing what they did to Green-eyes, and being unble to help him."Out of sight, out of mind. Don’t think about what they’ve done to Green-eyes.Don’t think about what they’re going to do to him.Jesus, don’t give him a fucking name either."Green-eyes/Lee finally meets someone who sees him as a person, and against better judgment, it gives him hope, hope for himself and hope in Shaw."He didn’t want to be proved wrong. Hope was a fragile thing, and he needed to nurture it for a while before he put his trust in it."The week goes by, Shaw tries to block everything they're doing to Lee, the torture, the rape, but that leaves the question - will he help him escape The Island on the risk of ruining six years of work to get there?My thoughts on the story This was a tough read no doubt, but nothing like I imagined it to be! I admit, I don't read dark reads, don't really like them, but this one worked for me, probably because it wasn't as dark as I though it would be.The Island is a beautiful place, and it just brings the contrast to all the horrible things that happen on it. That was brilliantly done! The POVs change every two or three chapters, from Shaw to Lee, and both sides are so different, just heartbreaking! Mostly this tells the story of the psychological struggles of both main characters, the wish to escape or to die and a choice between morality and business.I'm somewhat surprised at the lenght of the Island part, won't say any spoilers about it, but yeah. NOT that I'm complaining!The torture/rape scenes aren't explicit, maybe one, but that one is more sad than it's shocking and terrible. Just so you know, in case you plan to read the book :)BTW I don't know why I though this was dark erotica. It really isn't. The story is tough and terrible at some points, but yeah, overall the book is romance erotica :)The ending was just beautiful, I cried very happy tears when I got to it