Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban I finished the book And I want to read it again And again And again 100 freaking stars for this!! These books just keep getting better and better The story in this one was excellent! Ty and Zane go undercover, posing as a married couple That first few chapters had me giggling all over, they were soooo funny, with Ty and Zane going on their make-overs Just awsome! Then when they came on the cruise, oh that was just wonderfull! They had the chance to act affectionate to each other whenever they felt like it, and considering they didn't act like that before, it was kinda weird for them, but swoony for me I LOVED every single scene with them hugging, touching, making any kind of contact it was so sweet, I was melting throughout the book The sex was bombastic! Yes like the song ahahahaha I mean WOW. Hottest so far Ty was incredibly cute most of the time, he came to terms that he's in love with Zane, but it's pretty hard on him, because he knows Zane doesn't return the feelings (oh Zane when will you see the light man?? ) I wonder what will happen with the necklace??? When will he give it to him???The ending I couldn't believe it! I was squeeling all the time, it was so sweet and swoony and I was so glad and, and, and I don't know, I'm just like this now - I want more!!! Can't wait to start the next book