Perfect - Judith McNaught DNF after 200 pages.You know, I usually have a lot of patience when it comes to books.I don't mind if they first do it at 70%.They don't even have to do it at all.I don't mind if the story progresses slowly.It doesn't have to progress at all.AS LONG AS I GET MY HEROES IN THE SAME SCENES TOGETHER!!!!!Separations in the book I just don't like, ever!In this one, the hero and the heroine didn't even meet until page 150!I mean, THAT much detail about their pasts is really, REALLY not necessary. I could give you a recap of everything that you need to know in a couple of sentences.Anyway, I thought I could continue after they've actually met but by then I completely lost interest in it and now I simply don't care about the book at all.I had the same problem in the first book from this series and I thought it would be different, but sadly, no. So here's me saying goodbye forever to Judith McNaught's contemporaries :)