Fighting Fate - Linda Kage What would you do if you fell in love with the person who caused your brother's death?What would you do if you felt guilty for having feelings for a person whose life you practically ruined?This was such a beautiful story.I have to admit, I'm not a fan of angst, and this book had plenty of it, but honestly, I didn't mind it one bit because I loved the romance between the main couple.It was sad but still sweet, and I just loved it :)The storyOn her first day in college, Paige has the misfortune to be in the same class as the guy who killed her brother, Logan Xander.While she feels nothing but hate for him, Logan feels nothing but remorse for the accident that happened three years ago and changed all their lives.After a while, Paige realises Logan is not the way she imagined, and eventually they both form a kinship of sorts, for they are both suffering about the same thing.That kinship turns to love and leaves the question, could they both overcome their pasts and the biggest thing standing between them, her dead brother?The romanceThis is a forbidden love story, so you can expect angst and sadness throughout the book.It starts with hate, Paige resents Logan for everything, but after actually getting to know him, she realises he is tortured by what happened just as she is, only he never got forgiveness, not even from himself.After a while they become friends (sort of), and like I said, they fall in love, but both know that nothing can ever exist between them.I love this because it wasn't insta-love, actually the exact opposite :)There were lots of emotional scenes here, most of them sad, but still amazing and I just loved them