Angel of Darkness - Cynthia Eden A fallen angel who swears and kills...A vampire who actually drinks human blood instead of animal like the fashion is these days...This isn't sweet.There is killing here, and the MCs actually do some of it.Not one character here is miserable and suffering their poor misfortune.They all deal with it the best they can.AND I LOVE IT!!!!!!!I have to say I really love the writing style of this author, and I'm definitely going to read all her other series.I like it that she doesn't sugar-coat everything, there are no brooding heroes like in some PNR, everyone is tough and they fight for what they want.They get hurt in battles, they suffer sometimes, they have hot sex and fall in love (well this is romance, let's not forget that).There are bad guys in this one who will somehow redeem themselves, and I am dying to see how it happens!Sam Off to the next one :)))