Into the Dark (The Bodyguards, Book 6) - Cindy Gerard *re-read with Glam, 20.07.2013.*Best book so far! I am so happy And I did the unthinkable I read out of order! Actually skipped two books to get to this one :O Bad, bad Blacky!! But it was worth it!!OMG what a fabulous book The storySix months ago, Amy was rescued by the hero bunch together with Darcy, Ethan's wife. A few days after that, she dissapeared, and no one's heard from her since.Dallas is having flashbacks from the war, which were caused by the rescue, and he can't stop thinking of Amy.One night someone came knocking on his door, the last person he expected to see - Amy After fainting from exhaustion, Dallas takes care of her, but instantly knows something is wrong, as in bad bad wrong. The first words she said to him were:"Can't let them find me here..."He knows this has to do with her abduction that happened a year ago, and wants to help her find out who ordered it, and make him pay for all she endured while captured.Amy doesn't want to get him into trouble, but YAY for us, Dallas is persistent as hell and so they board on a plane to Argentina in search of a reporter, Jenna McMillan, and there they find help, although reluctant, from a mysterious man, the Archangel, Gabe Jones I LOVED this :D It was full of suspense and action, especially in Argentina The romance between Amy and Dallas I couldn't stop reading this one. Well damn, I say that to ALL her books mwahahahah but it's true! The mission reminded me of the third book, and I think it was intentional because there was again a kidnapped woman, like Amy, and they had to find her as soon as possible.The big show-down loved Amy's part in it, and Gabe's team, they were awesome :D The ending just loved it