To the Brink (The Bodyguards, Book 3) - Cindy Gerard *re-read 19.07.2013.*Cindy Gerard =>The Bodyguard Series =>This book =>I am completely obsessed. I probably need some medical treatment but hey, don't tell anyone, at least not until I finish this series. No, until I finish the Black Ops series, because that's what I'll be reading next The storyRight after she phones her ex-husband and tells him she's in bad trouble, Darcy finds herself followed and kidnapped. Ethan (the ex) wastes no time and together with his brothers and a friend, they go to the rescue Now, this one was very intense! And I totally loved it!Darcy was being held by some extremist bunch of blood-thirsty idiots, treated very badly and almost raped.Ethan and his hero-bunch were going through the jungle in search for her, and attempting a rescue way above their odds.So yeah, it was all full of action and in a very difficult situation. Absolutely loved it :DThere were flashbacks to Darcy/Ethan history... NOT very fond of flashbacks in general, but they worked for me here :) It would be very difficult to read the rescue without any insight in their past, and this just added to their emotional relationship and it was believable to see them still in love after all this time Didn't really care much about the main bad guy, but I still wanted the hero-bunch to kill all of those extremist bunch of idiots!The ending yeah, loved it, even though (AGAIN) there was a proposal.The charactersDarcy and Ethan were great, and I just felt bad seeing their history, and why it didn't work out. My heart just broke for them. And later, I felt bad for her, what she went through, but then again, I felt worse for Ethan, he was still in love with her, and knew there was little chance he'd get her out alive. So yeah, I rooted for them, and was happy with how it all turned out.Amy and Dallas If I could, I'd give 5 stars just for their part of the story! Not many scenes between them, but enough to fall in love with the couple