Fair Game - Josh Lanyon “It was dark.”“I’d know you in the dark, Tucker.”Tucker’s eyes flashed up to meet Elliot’s. He said curtly. “Yeah. I’d know you too.”Well, I've found another M/M author to obssess with and lucky me, he has a TON of books Fair Game was my first, but I think it was a good choice because I absolutely loved it "And he missed Tucker. He’d been missing him for seventeen months. Even though he’d told himself that there had been nothing between them but sex — and the profession they both loved — he still missed him, still felt like a huge chunk of his life had been ripped out by the same bullet that put him out of a job."The storyElliot Mills, a retired FBI agent, now working as a professor, is asked to investigate the disappearance of a young man who went missing three weeks ago. Everyone but the boy's parents think he ran away or committed suicide. Everyone, including the FBI and his former lover, now in charge of the case, Tucker Lance ( )That leads to some problems, considering they broke up in not so good terms, and "can't stand" each other now.As the days go by, Elliot discovers more and more some things that the FBI missed, and when another guy goes missing, he knows it has to be connected.Elliot and Tucker have to work together again, and it just dredges up some old emotions and regrets , along with having fights again :DBut when the kidnapper focuses on Elliot and starts a psycho game with him, it doesn't look good... for anyone “It’s worth finding out.”Tucker was still looking at him, his expression unreadable. Elliot heard the echo of his words. For some reason it suddenly felt like they were talking about something entirely different.“Sometimes you already know the answer. Sometimes it’s just not worth the bother.”Well, the beginning really was a bit slow, but I understand that, the case was building and it was all about the investigation.But you know, I really didn't care that much about the case! I just wanted to read more about Elliot and Lance, wanted to know what happened between them all those months ago, what was the reason for their break up and how are they going to get back together again Who cares about the missing guys, right? Well, even as I told myself that I don't really care, I was wondering about it ALL THE FREAKING TIME! Everyone was suspicious! The writer dude neighbour was suspicious! The president of the university was suspicious! That chick obsessed with Elliot was suspicious! The professor guy was suspicious! The friggin janitor was suspicious! The guy who dated the first missing guy was suspicious! I may have missed a few characters but they were still all suspicious!!!!!! There were a few freaky, scary scenes, and then there were those with Elliot/Tucker, OMG how I loved every minute they spent together in this book Just have to say one thing. I LOVE the way the case went. You know, usually when there's a case of kidnapping or disappearance, there is a search and it's all gloomy until right at the end they find the person and it's all happy/mushy/perfect ending for everyone. NOT here. I think this is more realistic, and was surprised by how it all turned out, and I love it! Just awesome! "He turned his head and Tucker’s big hand landed ungracefully on his shoulder, drawing him back as his warm mouth landed on Elliot’s.For an astonished moment Elliot was aware of nothing but the feel of Tucker’s hard, insistent lips on his, the almost desperate pressure, the taste, the scent, the disturbing reality of Tucker’s desire.The sudden unbearable sweetness of it made his breath catch and his eyes sting. Turned his guts to liquid with furious longing for that touch — that touch and no other."ElliotHe was shot in the knee while working on a case, and instead of a new desk job at the FBI, he chose to be a professor in the university his father used to work at.He still hasn't gotten used to his new life, with constant pain, and without excitement. He misses the thrill of the chase, working on cases and all that goes with it, so when he's asked to look into the disappearance of a young man from his college, he can't really say no.He's good at his job (well, was), and soon he finds clues that lead to believe the two disappearances are connected. But Lance doesn't believe it. When Elliot's life gets in danger, he starts to take him seriously, and the chase for the kidnapper/murderer begins. Elliot still has feelings for Tucker, and is very angry at him for the way they split up. "It wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t so conscious of the warm weight of Tucker’s arm, the hard strength of his torso and flank pressed up against Elliot’s body — if he wasn’t conscious of how much he wanted Tucker’s arm around him."Elliot was great! The story is completely from his POV, so we get to see a lot of how his mind works, and his feelings for Tucker. I felt really bad for him all the way through, mostly because I had no idea what happened and I only knew his version of things. The other thing I loved, their relationship back then, it was something that was really starting, not an undying love that was tragically broken or anything. It all felt real, and that was awesome! Elliot wasn't a perfect man, he also made some mistakes where their relationship was involved, and I like that :) Made him/them more human I loved his reaction to their first kiss after all that time, even though it was so tough to read, them fighting, but he did the right thing :)"Tucker strode in, bigger than life. That’s how Tucker always seemed: bigger than life. Just walking into a room he seemed to fill it, while at the same time emptying it of half the oxygen."TuckerHe's an FBI agent, not very good with people skills, and tends to go with the easiest solution, at least where this case was involved. It kind of bugged me, the way he insisted there was nothing there, and it took something very serious to change his mind. I just got that "not-very-good-at-his-job" vibe there He is angry at Elliot for some reason, and doesn't think that the break-up was only his fault."Tucker embraced him with something close to ferocity. Elliot went with it. He hugged Tucker back, resting his face in the damp curve of Tucker’s neck and collar. Tucker’s hard, muscular arms were wrapped so tight around him he could barely catch his breath. He could feel Tucker’s heart slamming against his chest — or maybe that was his own heartbeat." There's the thing about a book with only one POV. I really, really wanted to see more of Tucker, find out more about him! The whole time, their break up was torturing my sanity, I wanted to know what it was, why it happened, everything! I love the way he reacted in the shooting, OMG I felt bad for both of them! I could tell that he still had feelings for Elliot, and I wanted them back together!!!Then came - THE TALK OMG it just broke my heart!!!!! Two stubborn men! Gah! But later on Just loved, loved, loved them