Stars & Stripes - Abigail Roux Zane slid his fingertips across Ty’s lips. With a blink, his expression changed, and he was gazing at Ty with such longing and love that he might as well have screamed it at the top of his lungs. “I wouldn’t change it,” he rasped. “Any of it.”This book made me go through a rainbow of emotions. Anticipation, anxiety, shock, sorrow, happiness, fear, hate, love, swooning (is swoon an emotion? anyway, I did it constantly), I cried happy tears, I cried sad tears, and then when I reached the end of the book it was a mix of both The story in Stars & Stripes starts with Ty having to go home help his parents, and he brings Zane with him :) They're both happy and at ease with themselves, talking about their pasts and planning a future. But it isn't all peachy, especially when Chester declares to the whole family that Ty and Zane are together That was a shocker. And the reaction from Ty's family was as well. The way his father reacted I mean, I get it, but still don't approve. All the others were nice, and I was glad that they both had support from atleast Ty's part of the family. Then came THE CALL Zane had a family emergency and had to go to Texas, without Ty unfortunately. Someone shot his father and the ranch had problems with tresspassers. Lucky for Zane ( ) Ty somehow made it to Texas and joined him in the investigation :) Won't go any further in the story because it's something that should be read and enjoyed, without too much spoilers :)Ty and Zane were just wonderful. It's so great to see them totally in love, and not affraid to admit it They talked about a lot of stuff here, and their relationship progressed further. There was talk about a life together, marriage and childern. Enough to say that I was in a constant swoon mode They had to deal with a lot of things, the most important - being outed to their families. I just have to say one thing - Zane's dad is EPIC!!! (Ty's words :) ) The man is just brilliant and I love the way he reacted about them being together XD You could see he loves Zane very much and wants him to be happy Earl, that I didn't expect, but I kinda understand his reaction considering everything we know about him as a character. Still, not my favorite person.Chester ROCKS Who else is there? Deuce, Annie and Mara were great too, want to see them more in the upcoming books :)Beverly is a B*TCH! She really pushed all the wrong buttons for me. I felt really really bad for Zane.Other than that, it was a joy to read about those two in Texas Ty and his nerves around animals , and Zane with his sexy drawl Here are some of my favorite scenes :) - Ty and Zane in bed when the cats came - Earl talking about his finger being cut off - Chester announcing to everyone that Ty and Zane are a couple - T&Z in his room after that whole incident- the phone sex :D- when Ty came to Texas and surprised Zane (one of the best scenes EVER, I was misty-eyed after that one) - Harrison giving a present to Ty (did I mention how much I love that guy???)- Zane giving Ty his hat, and the scene in the bar (BEFORE the sh*t)- the rodeo sex but it was DAMN HOT!!!!- meeting the tigers