Armed & Dangerous - Abigail Roux Ty and Zane could power an entire city with how much electricity they produce together! Throw Julian and Cameron in the picture and you got yourself free enegry everywhere This book was amazing! We get not only two absolutely fabulous characters, but 4 My mind was on overload, didn't know who to love more in every new scene It starts right after the ending of Divide & Conquer, Ty calls Zane and appologizes, but he can't come back home bacause he's sent on a new mission. Lucky for Zane, Burns sends him on the same mission to be Ty's backup and they make up and at that point I was somewhere on the ground, fanited with all the swoon, it was just so lovely and beautiful and I just loved it!!! He finally gave Ty the compass and they said "I love you" to each other again. And again. And no matter how many times they say it in the future it won't be enough And in this one they pretty much made love for the first time, it wasn't just hot sex and f*cking themselves sensless :) very beautiful scene (it was hot too, don't get me wrong ). Their mission is to force Julian Cross to come to DC and testify, but of course, Julian is a tough cookie, he doesn't want to goo back to his old job, so Ty and Zane pretty much abduct/arrest them both XD They were all hilarious together XD Julian and Ty absolutely couldn't stand each other, and they fought ALL the time, throwing jabs and insults - LOVED IT Cameron was a sweetheart, a total nice guy caught in all the mess It was a bumpy ride, trying to prevent Julian and Cameron from escaping, and then all of them trying to escape CIA/FBI operatives :) Great story, full of dynamics, Ty and Zane's relationship progressing further , Ty and Julian throwing insults , Zane dealing with Nick and Ty's past , and Cameron being the brains in one situation which had me laughing my ass off Just a brilliant book, confirms my addiction (obsession ) with T&Z One more thing - I strongly suggest you read Warrior's Cross before this one, it's the story of Julian and Cameron and it's fantastic! You won't regret it! And you'll know and love them even before you start this one