Divide & Conquer - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban If there was a device that could measure the *squeee* and *swoon* factor of books, it would definitely break while measuring this one, because it was OFF THE FREAKING SCALES! This was amazing! I still don't know what my review will look like because my brain has turned into mush, and my heart melted a loooong time ago with these two guys In this book, Ty and Zane are more comfortabe with each other :) Zane knows that Ty loves him, even though he still hasn't figured out his feelings, but things are definitely better :) They are slowly building their relationship, going into routine, staying at one or the other's apartment, seeing each other whenever they had spare time It's just lovely to see their slow progress, how they adapt to one another and develop strong feelings as well :) In the previous books Ty realized he's in love with Zane, and in this book Zane finally accepts the truth, he's been in love with Ty for a while now, only affraid to admit it to himself and that scene was just so lovely BUT, real life comes in, and this is the story outside their relationship...There are robberies and bombings all over town and people are angry at the police force. It gets worse when the loco dude that's responsible for that sets Ty as a target and tries to kill him. Repeatedly. With bombs That actually leads to Zane getting hurt and going temporarily blind and THAT leads to Ty taking care of a sick and vulnerable Zane By that point my mind was already mushy, I feel like I've spent 2/3 of the book squealing all over them