Warrior's Cross - Madeleine Urban 5 utterly brilliant and beautiful stars for this book and couple Unfortunately for me, when I started reading this book I got sick It started out as a mild form of butterflitis stomachitis. After a few chapters I got the fever and started melting every now and then, my throat had some problems so I couldn't speak properly, it all came out as squeeling. Near the end matters got worse. My butterflitis stomachitis grew into acute sobbitis, which manifested through my eyes and the constant tear-leaking. And for some reason my hormones went all wild and I was very emotional. Luckily for me, the medicine I took at the end of the book cured me, I think it's called happyendingamol, so I'd recommend it if you ever get sick like me Even though I was sick, I enjoyed the book so so much the writing is excellent, and I was glued to my reader untill I finished :)Cameron and Julian - ohhh what a wonderful couple, I simply adore them! The chemistry they have is through the roof The book starts in the restaurant where Cameron is a waiter, and Julian is a regular customer. This is full of glances, looks, slow conversation that will get your nerves and anticipation high like a rocket! It was just intense! Cameron doesn't know practically anything about Julian, but he's infatuated for months, and on Christmas Eve they talk and Julian walks Cameron home and Cameron takes his hand that whole scene was utter perfection, one of the best romantic scenes I've read So they start a relationship and everything goes slowly :) I won't say anything else about the story, don't want to ruin it if you decide to read the book :) I'll just say that they are so wonderfull together, so sweet, I simply adored them The ending (last 30% or so) was intense, but considering the genre and Julian's occupation that isn't a big surprise XD I WISH that tense part was shorter, it kinda dragged the story, but oh well. I'd give it 4 stars for that, but I simply can't, I know, I'm stupid, that's not the way to review, but I just can't. The characters were so good, they overshadowed any fault the book might have, and I loved them so much that they deserve 5 stars, if not even more. Best scenes:- Cameron and Julian exchanging glances in the restaurant (well, every damn scene with them in the restaurant is 5 star worthy )- the first time Julian spoke to Cameron- Christmas Eve, Julian and Cameron walking in the street (major meltdown )- first sex scene - HOT! Jeez was it hot!- when Cameron thinks he won't see Julian again- when Julian finds Cameron on the bathroom floor - Julian giving Cameron the present - the moving of Cameron's boss- the funeraaalll oh that was sad - the ending of course This was a wonderful read, I simply love this book and it definitely goes in my favorites Can't wait to read about Cameron and Julian in the Cut&Run series Buddy re-read with Nicole and Shelly