Shattered Glass (Shattered Glass, #1) - Dani Alexander “I'm not gay.” That wasn't what I meant to say.“Congratulations. Would you like a medal?” Bunny Slippers asked.“I already have a medal. For bravery, not for being gay. I think you made me gay.”“I made you gay?” He set down the napkin he was holding. “Is that better or worse than the person who made you stupid?”This book doesn't have enough pages. There is one chapter here named "Never ending story". THAT'S what this book should have been! I just wanted to read it, and read it, and read it, didn't really care if that meant too many stories for the characters, I'd read it if they'd suddenly decided to move on Mars and catch aliens! The writing is simply brilliant! And just for that this book deserves 5 stars. The characters and the story - fantastic! Loved them both, and loved the story, every second of it. I didn't want it to end (well I said that already, sorry ).“People aren't always who they seem, Detective. Am I anything like you thought?”“No,” I admitted. You're a million times better than I could have imagined. And that was the problem. Looking at Peter, I realized that I was never going to get over him. A distressing thought when I considered I might not ever have Peter.The storyOne day, while sitting at a diner, Austin notices a pair of bunny slippers. Then he notices the guy wearing them. Then he notices his face, his eyes, his hair, his body, his lips, and again, his freaking bunny slippers. And THEN he thinks he just might be gay. But that's impossible, right? You don't suddenly turn gay at age 26 at the sight of some bunny slippers and a freakishly gorgeous guy wearing them, right? RIGHT? Hmm. Well, of course, the logical explanation would be that he has a bunny-slipper sexual fetish, or that the guy is responsible for turning him gay all of the sudden That was the birth of an obsession, well, two actually, one for the slippers, one for the guy What didn't help with his messed up love life was having a fiance, and working on a case that's directly involved with Mr. Bunny Slippers' family and former lover “Besides, for our date Saturday? I was thinking less cell block and more movie house.” I said brightly.His lips twitched, but he didn't say no. I took that as ‘Oh, you sexy devil, Austin, I want to do you right here, but I'm super-duper excited about our date so I'll wait’.I was paraphrasing, of course.AustinI love that guy :D He's so messed up He's working for the police, but aiming for the FBI. He's very intelligent, doesn't do lying, he says the first things that pop up to his mind, and is very good at reading people.After meeting Bunny Slippers, he can't get him out of his head, so he begins to question his sexuality. That leads to some dark memories (oh that was just terrible, Jesse and all ) and him finally realising who he is.He has such a funny mind and I loved his inner monologue :DThe scenes with Peter :D excellent :) Even though, most of the time he doesn't even know what to do with him, they both send mixed signals, they're both messed up and complicated, and they both don't want to fall in love, but of course...My fav scene with him was when he was trying to wash Peter's hands and Peter kept trying to tell him he was clean. Heart. Broke. Mine. Totally. I think he finally realised that Peter was more than a whore and that he kept saying it just to put a distance between them. Oh and another one, when he kept telling Peter to ask him for money. “Rabbit's the rock we cling to when we're drowning. He needs a mountain to hold him up, not another storm that'll wear away at him.”Bunny Slippers/PeterTaken from the streets and adopted by a former cop, Peter is now the owner of the diner Austin keeps stalking. For years now, he's been taking care of Cai and Darryl, the other two kids the cop adopted, and they've had a tough life, mostly Peter and Darryl working as prostitutes to get the meds for Cai, who's bipolar. He doesn't know what Austin wants with him, and thinks that he, like everyone else before him, only sees his looks, wants fim for nothing but sex. So he propositions himself, and Austin, obsessed as he is, accepts Won't say how it all ended :P but let's just say it led to their first date Peter... Even though he's so young (20), he's too mature for his age, and I can believe it because of the life he had. He is basically more mature than Austin, at least that's how I saw them. They fit each other perfectly. The impossible couple, a cop and a prostitute I felt really bad for him, but loved him all the more for his devotion to Cai and Darryl, he took care of them for a long time, and would do anything to protect them, even lie to the cops (Austin) regarding the case and a murder Cai could be involved in.This is Darryl's rant about Austin and Peter fighting XD one of my favorite quotes hahahah :D“I love you. No you don't. I don't love you. Yes you do. Wah wah wah. Some of us wanted to sleep!”Here's Austin's rant after a fight with Peter XDAnd damn Peter, too, while I was at it. And his fucking bunny slippers that made me interested enough to pay attention to him in the first place. I was burning those fuzzy fuckers the moment I saw them again.Well, this book had it all Amazing writing, humor, excellent characters, great story, romance, action, angst, hot sexy times, and a beautiful happy ending What more could I ask for? Oh wait! I could ask more! More books! Now! I can't wait to read Cai's story