Rough Canvas - Joey W. Hill This is one of the best books I have read this year! The quality of the writing and the depth of emotion got me by surprise, I really didn't expect it to be this good. But WOW! If I had to describe this book with one word, it would be - EMOTIONIt's there. All the time. In every sentence, in every scene. When they are together. When they are apart. Even with other characters. Just simply amazing. I was hooked just with that first chapter. Thomas is dealing with his melancholy and memories of the one man he can't ever forget, and that man, Marcus, has just walked in his store offering a business deal. One week with Marcus doing a big order of paintings. After some reluctance, he accepts and their affair coininues for that week alone. I won't go more into the story, if any of you decide to read it, it should be new and amazing and unexpected :)I'll just say - Marcus and Thomas had the most amazing chemistry, it was full of passion and love , and so beautiful it shocked me because it doesn't happen very often that you can FEEL their love through the pages. In here, you can feel it all the freaking time! While reading the book, half of the time I wanted to cry (and I did a couple of times), the other half was fanning myself for all the hot sex scenes and clutching my stomach when it was too emotionally intense. There were some very sweet times, and I don't know why but I wanted to cry at those too It's just that you know that they are going to go their own way once he finishes the paintings, so all the stuff they go through makes you sad. Best scenes:- when Thomas first sees Marcus in the store- Marcus in the car after their first meeting - their picnic, oh that was beautiful - Thomas takes care of Marcus after the beating- Thomas making the big painting that represents Marcus and him - this one isn't my best, it was actually the most horrible scene in the book, but I have to put it here because it made me cry like a baby ( Thomas's stupid mother ruining that painting, that was just so fucking sad to read. Heartbreaking. ) - Marcus losing it, and Thomas bringing him back after his father died- although the ending was just a teeny weeny bit too sweet for my taste, it didn't do anything to rock my adoration for this book. Loved it all the same :)So, I'll ve looking for some other works from this author, this book is written in such a beautiful way, I want to read more like it