Night of the Werecock - Rosemary Cross "Once a month, I turn into a f*cking beast. I mean, that’s what I do. I f*ck like a beast until I’ve f*cked my way through everything in my path."This is a story of a guy who got bitten.Once a night on a full moon he turns intoawere...c*ck!“This is your nightmare? F*ck, son, you’re cock is the size of a child’s arm. This is more like a dream come true.”“It hurts.” Understatement of the century there.“Well, of course it hurts. You could beat a man to death with that boner.”Lucky for him, the first time his mega-boner (werec*ck) appeared, he had his friends to help him :DAiden spoke up first. I tell you, that guy always has my back. “We gotta help him, guys. We can’t leave him like this. He’s our bro.”He took me by the base, squeezing until I moaned, and angled the monster erection downward. I think Chris might be part snake, because I swear he unhinged his jaw and swallowed me down like a python taking down a smaller python.“Holy sh*t!”He took the werec*ck down with powerful strokes, f*cking his throat like he had an itch back there only a d*ck could scratch.But it wasn't enough! The werec*ck had it's own persona called - Javier!!!!!!!!And the friends were dedicated to helping the werec*ck go down!Javier showed up to do two things—f*ck and chew bubblegum. And he was all out of bubble gum....“Here, dude, let me give you a break.”Despite the rough treatment his frat brother just received at Javier’s hands, Caleb eagerly took his place. Even though the engorged crown was nearly the size of my fist, Caleb wrapped his lips around it with no hesitation....“You work the head.” Chris wiped his mouth, a little breathless. “Aiden, follow me. Logan, hold him down.”“Huh? How am I supposed to do that?”I held out my hand. “Come here. Take off your pants.”...But my bros are thorough and very dedicated. They knew how to apply themselves and work hard for their shared goal. ...But they really went the extra mile for me. I felt somebody pushing my legs up and Logan held them in place, spread wide and sticking straight up in the air. Caleb’s mouth never left my c*ck, but there were two new tongues roaming up and down and around and under and over the shaft....As heavenly as their mouths felt, it wasn’t enough. I knew it wasn’t going to be enough. I turned my head away from Logan, gasping for breath and gathering up the necessary syllables. “Guys…I need more…”“What more do you need?” Chris asked.“F*ck.”“You need to f*ck somebody?” Chris asked.“Yes,” I gasped....“Do we have a condom big enough?” Caleb asked....He didn’t have anything to hide or anything to fear. He wanted to split Aiden open with his c*ck.He was ready to f*ck all night and all the next day, too. Well. This is a 13 page hilariousness!!!!!!! Wow I couldn't stop laughing at this one, a true EPIC :DDDDDDIf you want a bit of fun and a good laugh, I totally recommend this one :D and it's FREE!!!!!!"We created a monster that day.In more ways than one."Thanks for everyone in the buddy read, I had so much fun ahahahha :D