Special Forces - Mercenaries Part II (Special Forces, #2 part 2) - Aleksandr Voinov,  Marquesate,  Vashtan “I love you.” Murmured when his left cheek touched Vadim's. “Whatever happens.” His right touched, and then his left again. “I'll always love you.” I think this is the longest I've read a book. And I kinda hate that, cause I have absolutely no clue what I've read for the past few days right now, only the last chapter is in my mind, and now I have to write a review? Ok I'll try to keep this short, and just do the characters, without the story. I know, now you're thinking, why not tell us the story from this book Blacky? Well dear readers, the story is basically SEX and more sex, so unless you want a manual for it, you don't need my re-telling DanI guess I'm the weird one here, but I still don't hate him . Yeah, don't kick me for it, I just don't. There were times where I wanted to kick the sh*t out of him, yes, but that's as far as it went.Anyway, even after getting back together with Vadim, Dan still wants to have sex with other people. He likes c*ck, and wants more of it. Hmm. OK, good for him Is that fair to Vadim, who gave up everything just to be with him? Uuhhhh HELL NO!Moving on. Dan has sex with Jean and decides not to tell Vadim. Well, THAT's the thing that most bugged me about the whole thing. Yeah sure, if they BOTH decide to have an open relationship, sure, go ahead, but this? That's called lying and cheating. Dan's relationship with Jean - they both try to pass it as just friendship, but it's not. It just isn't. I know Dan loves Vadim, but the sex with Jean, it isn't all innocent. There are feelings involved. He's just too blind to see it.Dan's jealousy of Hooch - well that's justified. And it's his own damn fault if you ask me. He wanted to sleep around and felt he had to push Vadim to do it so he wouldn't feel guilty. Yeah, way to go pal You really f*cked it up now. I still want him together with Vadim, if he could just get his head out of his ass and realise what's important. Indefinite source of c*cks, or Vadim?“It's a very bloody, somewhat crazy comedy, really. Dan fucked me up, I fucked him up, and while torturing and wounding and cutting each other, we discovered we were in love.”VadimIt was just so difficult to watch Vadim, still kind of broken Even though Dan's presence helps him, a lot, there are times when the torturer comes back in his mind, and he's just so insecure and vulnerable... I just felt so bad for him. After getting back together with Dan, he's willing to do anything to stay with him forever, but he's still jealous of Jean and Dan's other "mates". Luckily, Dan invites him to "play" with his mates, so it all kind of gets into their relationship, instead of being just Dan+loads of guys and Vadim looking from the outside. Vadim apologized to Matt that was a great scene and I'm glad he did it, even though a simple apology wouldn't cut it with me, don't think anything could, but ok never mind that.He even managed to form a sort of bond with Jean too, that billiards/snooker/whatever it is game scene was great! I'm surprised I liked it so much His relationship with Hooch. Well, that's a bit more complicated, and I understand what attracts him about the guy. He can give him back the power he lost within himself after the torture. He isn't vulnerable anymore, and I think it helps him fight the torturer in his head, so of course, he'd want to keep Hooch in his life. He can't do that sort of thing with Dan, because (mostly)whenever they do the hardcore stuff, Dan ends up being the dominant guy, and Vadim the submissive.Anyway, what I don't get is where the sudden love for Hooch came? I mean, I like the guy, VERY much, but I don't know. Maybe it was just too fast? Hmm. I'll still ponder on that one.And Vadim not knowing if he loved Dan or not?What. The. F*ck? I mean, where did THAT come from? All this time I was reading about how much they loved each other, and would do anything, and now he doesn't know if it's need or want or love?? Vadim, I think you need to get your head out of your ass too!JeanHim, I really don't like anymore. He doesn't get on my nerves at all, in fact, the menages with him and Dan/Vadim were really hot, and interesting, and he has a weird relationship with both Dan and Vadim, and that's ok, because he gives Dan something Vadim can't, uncomplicated and relaxed. I understand why Dan wants to be with Jean too, but hey, make a choice man! Gah sorry now I'm ranting about Dan again :( back to Jean!I think he's in love with Dan. He doesn't get it, and yeah, he probably loves his wife too, but not the same way. They always keep saying it's just friendship, but hell. It just can't be. And I wish there was a bit of POV from his side, I wonder how he suddenly forgave Vadim about the assault? I mean, he was REALLY great when Vadim first appeared in camp, and I thought there was going to be something between those two, but no. And now he even has some tender moments with him? I'd like to know what happened in his head that he suddenly likes Vadim again.So, Jean was OK to me through this entire book, until the last scene with him and Dan. Hmm. Not very big on cheating. Yeah, the excuse was stupid too, as in, Vadim's married and Dan has sex with him, so what's the big deal? Well, dude, the big deal is that Vadim's wife knew that he was gay and he didn't hide anything from her, and that's not counting the fact that they're separated, been for years! Jean on the other hand, married such a great, sweet woman (from what I could tell), and continued f*cking other people behind her back, THAT's the difference dude! Hooch and MattOh I really like those two Matt seems like a really sweet guy, and Hooch so intense, OMG! I have no idea how their relationship will work, but I'm looking forward to their book Just one more thing I just couldn't help myself and made a list of all the people in the book that had sex with each other Every letter is for a different person, and some had repeat performances A is Vadim and B is Dan, that's all you need to know :)A + BB + CA + B + CA + B + DE + DB + EE + AB + A + F + GB + A + C + HB + HB + A + HI + BI + JB + KI + KI may have missed someone so forgive me for that ahahah XD All in all, this was a long journey, far from over, and the ending just hints of all the trouble waiting ahead. Oh joy I kind of know this will be the worst of them all, but I know it'll be worth it in the end The rating? 3,5 stars *I read this book along with the last chapters of Mercs 1 and considered it all as one piece*