The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks - Josh Lanyon A spooky house+A ghost/dead body+Yellow socks+Two guys solving the mystery=Awesome book with awesome writing and awesome mystery!The writing... I really loved it, especially the mystery part because this guy can WRITE!It's witty and clever, funny and so intriguing, I couldn't wait to find out who the bad guy is :)The romance part... Hmm it is the reason I'm giving it 4 instead of 5 stars :(The chemistry is GREAT between them, really is, and that part I liked, but then when they hooked up... For one it was so sudden, I was like this:I guess I didn't expect it and for some reason it felt awkward to me :((Honestly I'd like it better if it was only with the chemistry :DI guess I am weird :DDOverall... I totally enjoyed this one, I couldn't put it down for a second and I am definitely recommending it to every mystery fan out there :)