Under the Wire - Cindy Gerard Well, I've picked up this book at least ten times. Read the first chapter over and over again. Just couldn't get into it for some reason Let me tell you why...The book starts with Manny (don't like his name, point one), it's found out that he works for the resistance, he's beaten and left for dead. BUT, before they almost kill him, they are generous enough to admit to him that his girlfriend was the one who betrayed him. He is crushed. The woman he loved betrayed his trust. He remembers the first time he met her...NINE DAYS AGO.I mean seriously. The way he thinks about her is as if she's the love of his life, and they met nine days ago, of which three days he was captured. So, six days of insta love. INSTA LOVEYou know, I hate insta love. It usually runs every book for me if it isn't done right. Sometimes it's believable, sometimes not. Here it just wasn't.One way to make a good insta-love story - They meet during an intense thing, doesn't matter what it is, they have a million adventures together in a course of two or three days, it works best if some bad guys are after them and they are running for their lives and doing stuff. Read lots of those and it's pretty believable someone can get very close during difficult times. Manny and Lily... They spent those 5-6 days only in bed having non-stop sex. Now, that could lead to them figuring out they fit sexually, have some explosive chemistry and so on. You can't fall in love just with sex. You have to know the person for goodness sake! Ugh. So yeah that bothered me right from the start and it just got on my nerves. Anyway, the rest of the story was good, as always Cindy Gerard writes fantastic suspense, and that part I loved 17 years after the "betrayal" (17 freaking years!!!!!!!!!!!), just have to say, I hate the long separation, in ANY book. It's like this one deliberatly chose the things I hate Where was I? Yes, 17 years after, her son is kidnapped, and when I say her son I mean hers and Manny's son (of-freaking-course, could it be more cliched?), so she comes to Manny and asks for his help. They go to Sri Lanka along with the other members of E.D.E.N (loved seeing them again ) to the rescue.That's basically it, if I say more I'm gonna spoil it for you :DNow, one thing that was really great, and don't get to see in many books - the heroine is older than the hero :) I liked that, it's cool :DWhat I didn't like was that he was only 18 years old when they first met and fell madly in love having sex non-stop for 5 days. Nope. Later when they were older, it was all great :)BADLY DONE SPANISHOne other thing, there was lots of Spanish in this book, and I have to say, it was badly done (some, not all). I watch a lot of telenovelas and shows on Spanish without translations, so I'm pretty used to the language and understand it, I'm no expert, really, but still! Even I could see some words spelled wrong like "cueropo" instead of "cuerpo" as in "body", and he kept repeating "mina" and the translation was "mine", as far as I know, I've heard the expression "mina" in some Argentinian shows and it's for "girl", mine would be "mia" and it bugged me cause he said it a million times! I went to google translate and I guess the author did it too because she took the noun instead of the pronoun. Some sentences didn't sound right, I mean, when you translate to another language, you don't do it word for word, usually every language has a different setup of words in the sentence, I just know that people who speak Spanish would have arranged the words in the sentence differently.And that's me, I haven't studied Spanish AT ALL, but figured out the mistakes. I guess people whose native language is Spanish were throwing up a little while reading this one...Anyway, this ended up an average read for me. Still, love this author's style and looking forward to the Black Ops series