Over the Line - Cindy Gerard It happened. My first Cindy Gerard book with a 3 star rating I liked this one, but the main problem was the story and I guess I'm not so good with superstars and fame and all (crazy lunatic stalkers, hired assassins and such) Don't really feel like writing a long review, here are just some of my thoughts...The story is about Sweet Baby Jane, a rockstar singer, and Jase, her bodyguard. It all kinda smelled like the movie with Whitney Houston, there was a crazed fan/stalker who was making threats and yadda yadda yadda and there were like a dozen more characters that wanted her dead so yeah, didn't like that part at all.The romance was nice :D Jase was such a sweetheart Jane was pretty tough. There were all those horrible things happening to her, but mostly she kept her cool :D Well, except that time when she didn't