A Virgin Enslaved - Artemis Hunt This book..."Our climaxes seem to flow into each other’s, over and over and over. We sleep. And when we wake up in the early morning, we f*ck like animals again.I don’t recall being so happy in a long time."...Well, f*cking like animals would do that to you, you know This book has managed to make me CRY for two whole hours! And I was crying of laughing so much! This was written in first person POV, present tense.I'll just sum the story up so you know what it's about:One BOSS + one employee + having hots for one anotherBOSS + the most incredibly handsome man ever to exist on EarthEmployee + virginBOSS + proposition for 7 days of sex without intercourse + employeeEmployee + falling in love after the third day + first sex on the third dayBOSS + doesn't want a relationship EVER AGAIN + still manages to fall in love on the third dayBOSS + being incredibly stupid + employee = big fightEmployee crying + BOSS groveling = happy endThat's about it I just couldn't help it, I quoted almost the entire book ahahahahahahahahahha but here are some of my favorites (if you want more, look through my updates) This is the description of the BOSS. I cried when I read the angels part mwahahahahahah OMG the most ridiculous description EVER!!"He is singularly the most attractive man I have ever laid eyes on. OK. That is an understatement. He is utterly, mesmerizingly, mind-blowingly, take-your-breath-away gorgeous. His eyes are richly hazel with green and gold flecks in them. These catch the sunlight filtering through the glass windows as if they were mirror themselves. His dark hair – the color of rich teak – is slightly disheveled, as if he’s just tumbled out of bed.And his face. Oh, his face. He could have been an actor or a New York model, and he would be a superstar of superstars. It’s as if the angels really put out the mold and taken a painstaking time to sculpture the most exquisite features possible on a man."WHAM! Ahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahhahaha"I steal a look at Christopher Morton’s face. Wham! It hits me again – his overpowering good looks and raw animal sensuality. My knees are wobbly underneath the table."The savage kiss is my favorite part He knows how to leave a woman breathless ahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahah"She’s dressed in black PVC. Her breasts are pushed up high by a corset with fishbone cuttings, revealing the white skin of her torso underneath. Her long, long legs are encased in black stockings, and her skirt is a gleaming wedge.I find myself getting a hard-on just looking at her.For answer, I bend my head and engulf her in a savage kiss that leaves her breathless. Her hand gropes for my crotch."No comment on this one ahahahaha"I just won’t let her know I want to fuck her brains out. (And I mean that in the best possible way too.)Oh, what she does to me."I think this is my favorite quote OMG I couldn't stop laughing "Her brown eyes are large and alluring, and as she reaches for the doorknob, her hand accidentally brushes against my arm.Big mistake.Something inside me explodes, and I’m grabbing her by the waist and squeezing her against my body as I press my lips against hers. My reaction is swift and brutal and hormonally charged, and too late – my brain tells me this is a mistake – but I can’t take it back. I’m committed. Even as I groan inwardly at my stupidity, my adrenaline courses through my veins, intoxicating me with freedom."She can tell he's aroused? Oh how smart she is mwahahahahahahahah"He’s naked, and his cock is extremely erect below his pubic bush. His pupils are dilated and his nostrils flare as he breathes. I can tell that he’s very, very aroused, and I’m excited as well, and filled with a deep yearning to be touched by this spectacular human specimen."OMG OMG OMG AHAHAHAHAHAH"I have worn my best panties for our date, and it matches my pretty brassiere. But they were all for nothing, because he doesn’t even so much as look at the damned things as he savagely peels them off. His ardor sweeps me away."I mean this is just beyond words ahahahahahahahahhahahaha“Yes, yes, I’m ready,” I pant.He doesn’t hesitate to think twice. His hands move to unzip his fly, and out springs his thick rod. His luscious, luscious manhood. The large staff of flesh that would impale me and whatever misgivings I have into a threshold I must cross.It almost strikes my pubic area.Yes, I'm EVIL, another bad review!But I didn't put a rate on the book! I just couldn't! I had too much of a good time reading it! It was just brilliantly stupid! I want to recomment it to everyone! This is not to be missed