Color of Forgiveness - Madeleine Beckett I liked this one The first is slightly better, but it's a nice ending to the series :)*This will be a bit spoilerish to those who haven't read the first book*The storyIt picks up right where it left off, Myra is standing in front of Dylan's house talking to Sabrina. She is hurt and thinks Dylan got back together with his wife.Dylan comes out and asks her to wait until morning, he'll explain everything when Sabrina isn't listening, but no. Myra wants an explanation RIGHT THEN AND THERE, and when he doesn't give any, she goes home, packs her bags and leaves town.Dylan follows her and tries to explain, eventually they both get back to Nyssa and are forced to deal with a stalker that has set sights on both Myra and Dylan.In this book we finally get an explanation about Dylan and it's very emotional.The rest of the book is pretty much drama and more drama.They fought and it took them forever to get back together, and when they did there was more drama and more drama that separated them for a whole bunch of pages.I'm not very fond of separations in my books so this didn't work well with me at all.The suspense part... It was pretty good, until it was discovered who the stalker is. The choice for the bad guy is just terrible. I guess I got spoiled by all the great mysteries from Poirot and Marple, I expected the stalker would be someone from the main characters (as was hinted) but that (as it usually goes) it turns out to be a shock when we find out who it is. You know, someone who is always there but you'd never think of as the culprit?Yeah. Not here.And just that fact that I couldn't even remember the character until is was explained is enough for me to totally dislike the suspense part.The writing is great! It was written in 3rd person present tense (and I HATE present tense), but surprisingly it didn't bother me that much here. That's why the writing must be damn great for me to overlook it hahahha :DDDDThere were some hot times here too, I loved Dylan and his dirty mouth :DD The epilogue - wow! There should be more like those written! Very long, and we get to see them happy and all :) Too sweet for my taste, but I still liked it cause it was long and detailed :)MyraI can just copy-paste what I said about her in the first book.She just isn't a heroine for me. The woman is too weepy, and doesn't have a sensible bone in her body, well, maybe a few. Just that beginning when she didn't let Dylan explain it in the morning, but she had to have it NOW, and then later refusing to even let him explain at all... That's just childish behavior. I only liked her because of what she'd done concerning Dylan, she didn't give up on him and that's the best part of her in here :)Like I said in the review for the first book, I don't think there was one scene in the book where her eyes didn't tear up. I don't mean really crying and sobbing, but MAN! Do they have to tear up at everything? I can get emotional at a lot of stuff, but I don't cry all the time.Anyway. Just not someone I like to read and I just couldn't get myself to love her at all. I liked her, sometimes, and that's enough from me.DylanNow him I did love