Cowboy with a Cause - Carla Cassidy Well, I liked the romance part of the book :) The suspense was horribly terrible Adam moves in with Melanie, a cranky young woman in a wheelchair who is mad at the world. He needs a place to stay, even though he doesn't know if it will work living with her, especially because he finds her incredibly attractive Melanie is a former dancer, now forced to a wheelchair, with a sick leg. She's always in a bad mood, and can't really come to terms with her life. She likes Adam, but doesn't want to do anything about it.The suspense - OMG. I just wanted to hit myself on the head with a pole rather than read that part of the book. There is a crazed killer out there, and something weird is happening at Melanie's house, and she, of course as it would be the only logical conclusion - thinks she's gone mad! Yes, she actually thinks she's crazy and moving things around and breaking pictures and lots of other stuff Then someone breaks into her room and finally they discover there's atually a madman out there The ending was a bit too sweet, but otherwise OK, I liked the fact that she didn't somehow miraculously manage to heal her leg by the end of the book :D It just gives it a dose of real, and that's great. The bad guy and everything about him was mindblowing - but in a bad way. I wanted to blow it! With a gun! *ARC courtesy of Harlequin via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*