The Duke's Tattoo (Horsemen of the Apocalypse, #1) - Miranda Davis "Damn her eyes!"This was such a lovely read, and quite refreshing, I don't think I've ever heard of a plot like this one The storyThe famous war hero, tenth Duke of Ainsworth, wakes one morning with a terrible headache. And a terrible itch, down there On closer inspection, he finds he has been shaved and his maleness tattooed He can't really remember what happened to him, only that it hurt like hell. Still, he was able to remember one detail - the eyes of his devilish female fiend! That devilish female fiend is Miss Haversham, a spinster apothecary, bent on revenge to the Duke of Ainsworth. Too late she finds out that the duke that done her wrong was the current duke's late brother. Well, the damage was done, the only thing she has to fear now is going to prison for assaulting a peer After some months, "The Mayfair Stallion" finds a clue to who his fiend might be, and he starts to plot his revenge "His friends certainly considered him untemperamental, tolerant and willing if not eager to find the good in others. In general, he treated others as he would have them treat him.His enemies, however, found him implacable. And the spiteful female who went about randomly, whimsically and permanently defiling a man’s privates was his enemy.Miss Haversham’s personal Waterloo was only a few days away."Jeremy Maubrey, the tenth Duke of Ainsworth aka 'The Mayfair Stallion'Jeremy is one of the four 'Horsemen of the Apocalypse', officers known for being invincible and fearless. Also known as the 'Stallion', I think no explanations are necessary After the foul deed is done, he can't seem to get those mysterious eyes out of his mind, and that soon turns into an obsession. When he learns who his tormentor is, he decides to take his revenge :D Jeremy buys her house and store, and evicts her and comes to Bath just to torment her some more with his pressence Love those scenes! He has such a fantastic sense of humor, and is sometimes the typical uptight gentleman.There is a scene when he tries to write the heroine a love letter, and "pours his heart out" (his words) This is just the letter, but him trying to write it, ahahah just couldn't stop laughing XDMiss Prudence HavershamDisgraced by the late Duke of Ainsworth, Prudence now works as an apothecary in Bath. She constantly regrets taking vengance on the wrong man, but the situation is as it is. The only thing she fears is James recognising her, once he appears in town. She treats his shoulder injury, and gets to know him better, and soon she realises she has fallen in love Best scenes between them were James climbing into her room Each time there was something new between them and they just fell in love more and more :) “I’m a woman of seven and twenty, I’ll have you know.”“And you look away when I remove my boots,” he retorted. “You blush fire red when I take off my waistcoat and,” he added with growing exasperation, “you would have spasms if I were to remove my breeches, Miss Haversham.”“I would not,” she retorted, feeling her traitor cheeks heat up.“Fine, then breeches off,” he barked and rolled to sit up, his hands on the top button of his bulging falls.“Your Grace!” She threw up a hand to cover her eyes. “You are no gentleman!”Two things that bothered me. A lot!The first is the fact that there is a big, and I mean B-I-G part of the book that the H/h are apart. I wanted to see them together more, and that apart thing was just annoying. They first meet at 25%, and they grow apart at about 62%. There are few scenes near the end where they are actually together in the same scene and that was funny and lovely, but I just wanted more. Yes, I'm a greedy b*tch The second thing - at about 60% of the book and untill the end, every single sentence the H/h said was misinterpreted. He said one thing, she thought it was the total opposite, and vice versa. And so it went. Not just with those two, his brave friends, the three remaining 'Horsemen' totally misinterpreted everything Jeremy did or said, and they decided to help him in a way that would ruin absolutely everything That said, this is just what bothered ME, I personally don't like these situations in ANY book I read.And again, that said, all those scenes that were annoying because they were apart or angry for the wrong reason were written so superbly, it was very very funny and that's what made me like it all So, my advice is to grab this book, enjoy some great writing, humor and romance, an unusual plot, stick through the apart periods because they're still interesting and funny, and join me in line for the second book in this series