The Druid Stone - Heidi Belleau, Violetta Vane Well this was a strange read for me. If I could describe it with one picture, this one would be perfect:The story is about druids (duh, the title) and all the ancient myths and legends about them. Sean is having the same dream over and over again, it's the death of some man from the past. He asks for help, and tries to hire Cormac, a druid from Ireland. Cormac refuses to see him so Sean is forced to travel from America and beg for his help, if nothing else. Cormac still brushes him off, and afterward Sean has a bad encounter with some being/dude/god or something and finally Cormac realises he ISN'T fill of sh*t and decides to help him.That part of the book was great! My brain could still understand it and the first sex scene was great too XDXD What I didn't like? Hmm... Well, there was too much of everything in here! I know, it's a pnr and it's supposed to have those sorts of things, but boy! They paced like a million subplots in here, as soon as one is slightly resloved, another comes and messes it all up. The mythology isn't simple at all, even after I read the whole book I still have no idea what the hell I've read about concerning the gods/bad guys/druids/changelings/shifters/whatever beings appeared in here I just wish the mythology was more focused, instead of encompassing so much. Some scenes were so frantic and all over the place, like when Cormac tries too see Sean's dream. That whole chapter is a big WTF??? Maybe it was supposed to be all mysterious and complicated and sh*t so you couldn't get what was happening, I don't know. I got it in the end, but boy did I spend my puny brain thinking about it XDXDXD Then there was the part at the railroad going into another dimension, I get it, but it was too chaotic seeing this and that, a graveyard, Michael tortured, a big eel trying to eat them, a spiral of some kind twisting everything, some bad guy trying to kill them, looking into the past and the future and being stranded somewhere, then looking for the other one who's stranded, and the other one being kidnapped by Vikings (all in 1 chapter) it was just too much action and jumping around. And even after the Vikings they got into like 10 battles and it was all too complicated and full of everything I was just like this the whole time And thenI'm all for some action and suspense in a book, but damn, it isn't going to help when you pack too much of it, I couldn't concentrate on any threat enough to get me emotionally, as soon as it was half-way resolved, another one pops up and so on and so on. Just got me tired The three stars go to Sean and Cormac and their great chemistry, they were fun to read, even though Sean sometimes made some shitty decisions, but OK, it's a book, it's supposed to be complicated between them.