Rebel - Kristina Douglas "You're a very bad man," she murmured, resting her head on his shoulder as he tucked her against him. He smiled in the darkness. "I'm a very bad angel." This series just gets better with each new book! Rebel is an amazing addition to The Fallen series, and as before we have the hot, bad boy, jerkish, gamma hero, perfect combination :)))The storyThe seer Martha knows Cain is coming, and he will bring trouble and destruction with him. And apparently sex too because her visions are full of R-rated clips of them having a great time between the sheets :DDDEveryone on Sheol is surprised and worried when Cain appears, because they know he hates them all. Still, no one knows that he is finally back to get his revenge against all the fallen angels, and the way to do it is through Martha.Cain decides to seduce her and use her for his goals, but it might just get him into a tricky situation, when he starts caring for her more than he should.As for the story, I think this one might be my favorite from the series. Revenge has always been my favorite plot, and here it's done perfectly :)Some new things are revealed about the fallen angels, and I like where it is going :)Oh, and the teaser in the end about Lucifer!! OMG I seriously can't wait to read his book, I have a feeling it's going to be the best of them!!Cain and MarthaCain was sent to Earth by Uriel to show mankind about passion and sex, and he was the first one to fall in love.That ended badly when Uriel exacted his revenge on Cain and his woman, who was pregnant with his child.Now he is back, seeking revenge from all the angels because now they are all mated and happy, enjoying the things he was judged for by them all.Martha is a widow of one of the fallen angels, that now has a place in Sheol as the seer. She has painful visions that aren't always easy to interpret, so she isn't sure about Cain, whether he is a true danger, or is it just her libido to blame for the hot dreams.Cain sees a perfect opportunity to infiltrate the fallen angels through Martha, and he sets all his charms of seducing her, even though she can't stand him and well, doesn't like him at all :DDBut she stands no chance against him :))))The real trouble will start when someone tries to kill Martha, and Cain will have a difficult choice, to finish his revenge, or to protect Martha.I have to say, I loved every single thing Cain says in this book. He is just so uber-seductive, has that dangerous aura around him, powerful, he is like a huge presence in the book, and you can feel it everywhere, the way he behaves, the way he talks, the way he seduces, the way he fights...*sigh*Seems like I love them gamma hero, I'll have to check out more books from Anne Stuart :))I know this series isn't well known and popular, but I can't say how much I recommend it, especially from book 2 to this one :) All the heroes are jerkish types bad boys, the writing is great and the plots are always interesting :))So go for it ;)