Warrior - Kristina Douglas This was great, definitely the best so far Although it was kinda weird to read about Michael in a sexual way (he's so damn hot and delicious) considering my grandma taught me prayers about him when I was little lol but I'm not little anymore and I've developed a fondness for fallen angels I even want Lucifer to have his story and a happy ending (if my grandma heard this I think she'd get a stroke )The story was great, it was tight paced, always something happening, maybe it's because both H and h are warriors, so they both get to fight :) Loved that btw!Anyway, the story starts with Michael comming to Tory, they're supposed to mate/get married, for it is the only thing that can save the Fallen ones in the upcomming battle. They are both strong willed, temperamental, they fight all the time, and they actually FOUGHT as in physical fighting - that scene was freaking awsome! I love the fact that she can kick ass! I want more heroines like her Michael was mostly jerkish toward her, he knew that she was going to die in that battle, and he didn't want to get attached to her in any way. Tough luck mister Their attraction was blazing through the whole book, and although he fought it, he was, alas, only human (vampire/angel) but well XD There were times when he was swoony as hell when he told her he would love her through space and time forever, beautiful and there were times when my heart broke for him (the ending )And after the ending came the time when I lost my mind because I read the stupid sneak peak for the new book stupid stupid me And although I know this is supposed to be a sad thing, Gabriel is now single I want his book too!Oh and I forgot! I was very dissapointed, in one scene Michael says he's into bondage and the likes, but no such scene was in the book :( I wanted to see what a kinky angel would be like